pineapple vintage intense caused me to sell ALL my

pineapple vintage intense caused me to sell ALL my aventus.


  1. Divinus Mentalis says:

    Bold statement!

  2. James De Leon says:

    Somebody hacked Remplap!

  3. Bobby Fist says:


  4. Dave Lewin says:

    I will say I do reach for it more frequently as the compliments keep coming in.

  5. Dustin Remlap says:

    lol yea im a noob. had multiple flacons and bottles of aventus from 2010-2017 batches. Pineapple Vintange is far superior to aventus straight up. From 11×02 to 11z01 ive had them all at some point. None of them compare to PVI

  6. James De Leon says:

    Now.. I gots ta get dat!

  7. Robert Jacome says:

    By the way imo Aventus is just mediocre I’m not a fan boy like yourself enjoy??

  8. Dustin Remlap says:

    Hey yall can enjoy yalls aventus, im just saying that for me, PVI is the way to go. Ive been under the aventus spell for years. always searching for that next batch, hoping to get 4-5 hours of decent performance from a $350+ retail fragrance. Then PVI comes along and for $85 i get all day performance all the time

  9. Dustin Remlap says:

    James De Leon, cant believe you havent tried it yet.

  10. James De Leon says:

    Awesome. I don’t own Aventus. I do own a few bottles of CDNIM..

  11. James De Leon says:

    I might search for a bottle today.

  12. Dustin Remlap says:

    I wont be selling mine!!!!! lol

  13. Robert Jacome says:

    That’s why I only own a 75ml bottle 1 of my 2 creeds because most suffer from garbage performance much rather spend money on a Xerjoff or Roja makes more sense to me

  14. Dustin Remlap says:

    there you go Robert Jacome! roja and xerjoff are worth the $$$

  15. Alexander Berill says:

    I’ll buy your 11X01 and 11Z01 Dustin Remlap

  16. Paolo Ezio says:

    Alexander Berill me too ?

  17. Dustin Remlap says:

    Alexander Berill I already sold everything. Lol. Guys are thirsty for creed cool aid

  18. Alexander Berill says:

    Dustin Remlap pm you for all the aventus u hate I’ll pick up

  19. Alexander Berill says:

    Dustin Remlap Thirsty for Creed? You’re bashing on a frag. If you hate it so much, I’d assume you wanted to get rid of it. If you want a one-dimensional frag that is only pineapple, sure, PV is the way to go. But you saying you prefer it over the complex older batches and the current modern batches is just baffling. You sure you really owned these batches you claim to have had?

  20. Paolo Ezio says:

    Victor Bello He doesn’t have any man. Doubt he’s ever owned any either.

  21. Dustin Remlap says:

    This guy probably owned some cheap ass imitation oils from Malaysia ????

  22. Paolo Ezio says:

    LOL yes im sure what i have owned. I hate the way that the PV marketers have flooded YT with free bottles because it gives haters more fuel to attack them with. Their frags stand on their own as quality products that are WELL worth their $85 asking pri…See More

  23. James De Leon says:

    “My Malaysia Oils kick ass” Dustin 2017

  24. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    Remlap has been a flacon holder for years ya noobie chumps. His opinion is as valid as the next. Eat a ?

  25. Alexander Berill says:

    PVI is really great!!! Im hooked as well, still using my sample. It really can replace Aventus, very easy. And it performs better than current Aventus.

  26. Mark Kirkham says:

    Dustin Remlap I can see u saying this same shit about pineapple vintage in a few months from now

  27. Dustin Remlap says:

    The only PV worth owning is PV Noir Intense, IMO. The rest were extremely underwhelming, especially with so many posts like these. There’s something in the PV DNA that makes the scent eh for me. But I’m glad you’ve found a better alternative for yourself.

  28. Mark Kirkham says:

    What a clown ??

  29. Mark Kirkham says:

    yea im the clown, let me spend my time searching and buying and selling and swapping batches trying to find the best one.

  30. Mark Kirkham says:

    Mark Kirkham very valued opinion to this thread… I’m sure the input is much appreciated ?

  31. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    David Cason well done you have another wank

  32. Mark Kirkham says:

    What ignorance. If you don’t like someone’s post, just move on

  33. Mark Kirkham says:

    Eddie Galvez fuck me the circus has arrived

  34. Mark Kirkham says:

    No thank you, I don’t swing that way Mark

  35. Bonelly Jimenez says:

    Eddie Galvez looks like someone’s stuck a dick in ya nostrils

  36. Dustin Remlap says:

    Mark Kirkham go sit down, u can’t disrespect Eddie Galvez, great asset to the community

  37. Mark Kirkham says:

    Okeffe I don’t doubt that for a second with those nostrils

  38. Alexander Berill says:

    Lmao^ this idiot.

  39. Mark Kirkham says:

    Whatever floats your boat douchebag

  40. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    Worry about your own Goofy pathetic looks. LMAO

  41. Can’t at the moment I’m 2 busy worrying about your big nostrils taking over the world

  42. That’s the best you can do. Pathetic.

  43. Eddie Galvez no it’s not you’ve already cried today so I’m been nice

  44. Whatever you say. FO

  45. Rubén Robelo says:

    I’ll be happy to buy your aventus. Post them up bro.

  46. Does PV smell more like Pineapple than Aventus okay sure I may agree but other than that it is pretty mediocre. PV is as linear as a cheap designer fragrance

  47. Nate Manning says:

    it has the best pineapple note. and i agree that it is not a spot on aventus clone. ITS BETTER lol. but that is just my opinion. I guess i should have known not to come after the “king”

  48. Kyle Stevens says:

    Pineapple vintage smells like my toilet cleaner aventus and club de nuit intense man smell delicious pv only got hype because they sent bottles to every reviewer on YouTube they fucking reeled you in ???????

  49. Sid Julien says:

    Real, and every reviewer, including myself, got backlash for saying it wasn’t that great, ESPECIALLY in direct comparison to Aventus. Which is what the scent was putting itself up against. Absolutely ridiculous.

  50. Rami Shehadeh says:

    I hope he’s got rid of all his aventus because the fact he’s walking round smelling like a fresh toilet makes me fucking happier than I should be

  51. Zachary Goshert says:

    I enjoy the pineapple vintage when I wasn’t just a pineapple note

  52. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    You know, if you abbreviate Pineapple Vintage Intense, it sounds like you need a medication for that.

  53. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    Sounds click baity AF. Smell PVI and your jaw will drop!

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