please give me suggestion of a barbershop “smell”type of scent?

Can anybody please give me suggestion of a barbershop “smell”type of scent?
But not barbershop cologne type or aftershave smelling scent just smell of interior of barbershop.
You know when you pass cross barber or next to barber that lavander(base)strongly herbal,green(fresh)odor with little hint of powdery note in background?
I have rive gauche,invasion barbare,masculin pluriel,clubman;also tried sartorial,1725 casanova but none of this scent smells exactly and provide me that barbershop odor(which is crucial).
This type of scents smells like aftershave colognes(brut type) or balsams that they are putting after shave..but it must be something different!
Also scent must be high qulity ingredients…just wanna feel that lavander heavenly smell!!
Thanks for recommendation.


  1. Manuel Soto Santiago says:

    Prada Amber Pour Homme. Smells like an old school, chromed out barbershop.

  2. Renato Repka says:

    Manuel Soto Santiago But i dont see lavender in notes.
    I am in search of strongly lavender herbal note in base.

  3. Renato Repka says:

    Paul Hart Thanks i will try it!

  4. Paul Hart says:

    Renato Repka give fine scents a shout if you want a decant. He has 10ml.

  5. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Rive Gauche, Platinum Egoist

  6. Renato Repka says:

    Rahul Mukherjee I have that two,you unfortunatley doesnt read what i wrote about.

  7. Sebastian Wanda says:

    Penhaligon’s sartorial

  8. Renato Repka says:

    Sebastian Wanda It doesnt smell like barbershop odor to my nose.
    It smells like aftershave cologne which they put on costumers after shaveing treatment…dont like that “brut”type of barbershop fragrances.

  9. Renato Repka says:

    Or shaveing cream type of fragrances.

  10. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:

    Pinaud Clubman
    It smells like the barbershop ?

  11. Renato Repka says:

    Benjamin Bradley Simon Maybe my nose receptors doesnt work well but from this cologne i got vibe of another aftershave barbershop vibe which they put on costumers after shaving.

  12. Dragan Duvnjak says:

    Azzaro pour Homme

  13. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Polo green or Paco Rabanne pour homme, classic barber shop

  14. Neil Devlin says:

    Most of the Prada frags tend to have a soapy/barbershop vibe to them especially Amber Pour Homme & Infusion d/Homme. Creeds Original Vetiver & its little brother Mugler Cologne also have that soapy / shaving cream feel to them and worth a look. Maison Martin Margiela do a frag literally called At the Barbers, though i haven’t tried this so can’t comment on what it is actually like.

  15. Andreas Sardis says:

    Neil Devlin I put my eye on that MMargiela “at the barbers”but dont know where to buy decant.
    I spend so many money try to blind buy wrong “barbershop odor”type of fragrance,so I cant risk anymore.…

  16. Sheikh Najeeb says:

    Viktor n’ Rolf Antidote.

  17. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Reflection man

  18. Ayaya King Aya says:

    i don’t know if it qualifies as a barbershop, but acqua di parma colonia is like a warm weather version of rive gauche. it has prominent lavender.

  19. Nicolas Gibson says:

    Ivan Kavanagh Aqua di parma is on the list,but theres no herbal note in it.

  20. Jay Prince says:

    Renato Repka rosemary?

  21. Thomas Nash says:

    Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

  22. Thomas Nash says:

    At The Barbers by Replica. i legit just bought it a few hours ago after wanting it for months

  23. Dan Rezmovits says:

    Nicolas Gibson i will try this,but I am in doubt on money waste because worry that I would get(as listed notes)another “barbershop shaving cream odor”or aftershave cologne splash that uses in barbershop.I finding just smell of barbershop “odor”in general.

  24. Humphrey Ploughjogger says:

    Renato Repka defo try before you buy!

  25. TJ Bollinger says:

    DUA Invasion of the Barbers. Stuff is ???

  26. Javier Ponce Rincón says:

    Peta Duggan Interesting stuff!How that musky note works with lavender in this fragrance?
    I am in doubt that this combo will evoke that fougere type of scent?

  27. Anthony Mack says:

    To me, it’s not musky at all, but more creamy lavender . I feel this is due to the quality of the lavender used in the blend, is not harsh like a lavender oil, it’s rounded, not sweet or too acrid. Another one I recommend, again in Chanel is the sycamo…

  28. Some people feel jpg le male is a barbershop scent.

  29. Jason Coursey says:

    Also penholigans has several other besides sartorial. Douro comes to mind.

  30. Mike Sroka says:

    Profumum roma antico caruso

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