PV Vanilla Intense Vs King…help me out!

PV Vanilla Intense Vs King…help me out!


  1. Very different frags

  2. Justin Klaverweiden says:

    Do you have a preference? I love vanilla intense but have never smelled king or king Intense

  3. My preference is King

  4. Justin Klaverweiden says:

    Dee Nero more balanced?

  5. I’m not a fan of Vanilla

  6. Jamez Alan says:

    I bought both and dont regret it at all. Best ones so far of the handful ive tried. I can do decants if you want to sample them before buying, just pm me

  7. Justin Klaverweiden says:

    I have a decant of vanilla intense and love it just never tried king to compare..

  8. Jamez Alan says:

    Justin Klaverweiden well nows the time! I will hook you up

  9. vanilla intense is ?

  10. Angel Gaitan says:

    Both great in their own way

  11. Michael Andrews says:

    I have vanilla.intemse but I also want king… lol

  12. Michael Andrews says:

    The 20th they have some new ones coming out…gonna be ?

  13. Michael Andrews says:

    Is king better than king intense?..I’m kinda hearing king is better

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