Question should I just pick all my habaneros is

Question should I just pick all my habaneros is it getting to cold at night…Im from new Jersey smallest one I ever got


  1. Chris Valenti says:

    Just pop it in your mouth and eat it! Cmon, you can do it. The pain doesn;t last that long.

  2. Mike Guinup says:

    Haha not worried about that at all I make hot sauce with them and Carolina reapers

  3. Lori A Sanders says:

    Mike Guinup do you have a recipe you can share for the sauce?

  4. Mike Guinup says:

    Will make 3 10oz jars I use -2 cups white vinegar
    -1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
    -3 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce …

  5. Mike Guinup says:

    When I do cayenne same way just use about 1/4 pound of them

  6. Mike Guinup says:

    Always throw a habanero or 2 in for extra heat

  7. Lori A Sanders says:

    Mike Guinup wow, just about to look for some. You’ve been awesome

  8. Mike Guinup says:

    No problem make sure 10oz …. 5oz just to small

  9. Shana Burnett says:

    We are wondering the same…we have a lot of un ripe hot peppers still on the plants, ghosts, reapers, scorpions, habaneros, jalapeños and pablanos. We are in north west Pennsylvania and it is going to drop to 48 tomorrow night….

  10. Dave Spaulding says:

    They wont stop growing until they freeze 32 or below

  11. Mike Guinup says:

    Thanks I have crap load still growing first time got a small one

  12. Dave Spaulding says:

    Im in vermont alot of mine are still green

  13. Mike Guinup says:

    I got about 200 habaneros out of 3 plants been freezing alot and making sauces and has to be like 50 still green on my plants

  14. Navin Pradhan says:

    Looks ripe. Might as well pick before these get affected.

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