rabbits out of my garden without a ft tall fence

How can I keep rabbits out of my garden without a 3ft tall fence?? They are eating everything!!!!


  1. Lillie Brumley says:

    Pee. I know it sounds gross but save your pee and pour around your garden. They’ll quit

  2. Tracy Murphy says:

    Id start feeding them so they didnt eat my plants x

  3. Sharron Waterhouse says:

    give them food and they will leave your garden alone!! maybe away from garden ?

  4. Angel Lewis says:

    Marigolds keep them away. Plant them around the edge of the garden

  5. Carmen Maurer says:

    Cinnamon works!

  6. Christine Blaha says:

    Moth balls. They stink but it works

  7. Stephen Honeyman says:


  8. Phyllis Johnson says:

    Hickman I’ve had good luck with putting hair ( human) around plants. They’ll stop going near it. As yucky as it sounds, I went to a local barber shop and they gave me the hair. And yes… I used gloves to place it there. Saved my garden!

  9. Orla Clancy says:

    Cats. Cats LOVE rabbits. Very tasty.

  10. Elizabeth Heriford says:

    Green bar of Irish Spring soap use your grater, walk around shredding the bar of soup on and around plants. Critters don’t like the strong smell and keep away. Your plants will be fresh and clean all week?

  11. Bonnie Power says:

    I planted my lawn with clover and surrounded my vegetable garden with onions and the rabbits leave my vegetables alone, they just eat the clover.

  12. Elaine Steil says:

    Hair is the best way, and works.!

  13. Paul Millar says:

    Get a cat and dogs

  14. Francesca Berger says:

    Irish soap they hate the smell

  15. Lisa Jones says:

    Repel all repellent spray around your garden

  16. Kathryn Finnon says:

    When Roker Park (Sunderland AFC’s old ground) closed the turf was sold off at £10 a strip, so hubby proudly bought one and installed it in the back yard. It took our rabbit about 10 minutes to eat it 🙂

  17. Seth Cobbold says:

    Kill nd eat em
    use traps

  18. Karin Werner says:

    Raised garden box! The only ones now eating my strawberries are squirrels and birds ?

  19. Sharon Darcy says:

    Kill n eat u blackie

  20. Kathy Coopman says:

    If you have a cat pour the used litter around the parameter of your garden not the poop just the litter. Or if you know someone getting their hair cut tell them to save the clippings and spread them around your garden.

  21. Gillian Hammer says:

    Reminds me of Peter Rabbit ? story in Beatrix potters tales.

  22. Kathy Coopman says:

    Or you can find something at your local garden shop called Blood Meal works great on rabbits.

  23. Kathy Coopman says:

    Best thing to do is plant Marigolds around your garden, rabbits hate them.

  24. Sonya Kendrick says:

    Jack Russell?

  25. Amy Gustin says:

    Plant twice as much, dogs, motion activated sprinklers,….

  26. Robert Farmer says:

    Jr. Buy a big bottle of cayenne pepper sprinkle it around your plants

  27. Ruby Delmonte says:

    Guenther Spray with vinegar around..

  28. Surround them with a hut and food.

  29. Anita Underwood says:

    Richmond A dog.

  30. Anita Carroll says:

    A decent gun ?

  31. Krieger Plant marigolds around periphery of garden. Rabbits hate bitter taste of them.

  32. Canaan Rice says:

    Buy them some rabbit food !! Lol !! Just kidding b!! Hahaheha

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