refunded on their Valentino Uomo Intense order from Fragrance Net?

Out of curiosity, who got refunded on their Valentino Uomo Intense order from Fragrance Net?


  1. Youness Fourar says:

    It happened?!?

  2. Ricky Canda says:

    Mine got refunded on Friday after one day due to being out of stock. Only issue is that the same day I got my refund, it was back in stock ?

  3. Youness Fourar says:

    Ricky Canda did you give em a call?

  4. Ricky Canda says:

    Youness Fourar I spoke with someone through chat and she verified that it was due to being out of stock. My theory is that they intentionally put the fragrance as “in stock” so that people would be pressured to get another fragrance they did not plan on getting in order to reach their shipping minimum of $65. Once the order was placed, they would refund the Uomo Intense.

  5. Youness Fourar says:

    Ricky Canda damn thats slick.. i never liked Fragrancenet for different reasons..

  6. Ricky Canda says:

    Youness Fourar from what I know, they had issues a few months ago with communication, shipping, etc. I personally deal with Notino, eBay (seller protection on fakes), and Facebook sales.

  7. Laizer Solash says:

    Hey, sorry for trolling, but it seems like the only place for me to get discontinued frags is eBay, how would I discern if a frag is a fake

  8. Ricky Canda says:

    Laizer Solash best way would be to compare with retail store or share pics with group. Ebay always protects sellers for refunds returns etc

  9. Laizer Solash says:

    Okay, unfortunately the scent I’m after has been discontinued for some years now. But knowing this I’ll definitely order.

  10. Ricky Canda says:

    You should be good. Mine and a few others I spoke to that day got cancelled prior to shipping.

  11. Alexander Chau says:

    Ricky Canda thanks man :0

  12. Mohamed Otaify says:

    This is what I have on DHP too. Invictus be here tomorrow.

  13. Alexander Chau says:

    Order placed 1st Sept, used shoprunner 2 days shipping, not shipped till now

  14. Eric Espinosa says:

    no, only order received

  15. Eric Espinosa says:

    I didn’t bro. I ordered the same day.

  16. Ricky Canda says:

    Mines says it’ll get delivered tommarow. Will update yall

  17. Mychal Cure says:

    You already know mine was refunded ?

  18. Eric Espinosa says:

    Yes sir! I feel sorry for both of us lmao

  19. Ricky Canda me too! Lol

  20. Fernando Garcia says:

    Waiting on your pm Mychal Cure?

  21. Ricky Canda says:

    what’s the deal with this fragrance?

  22. Fernando Garcia says:

    It’s around $90 retail. Testers were sold for $27 at Fragnet.

  23. Adam Therülo says:

    Fernando Garcia Pretty much lol

  24. David Papp says:

    My order for Valentino Uomo Intense was processed. It says it’s going to be delivered tomorrow.

  25. Fernando Garcia says:

    My order was placed on hold but I was still charged tho. They gonna get a call tomorrow

  26. Fernando Garcia says:

    Sorrru to hear man

  27. Talal Perez Ghosheh says:

    Was refunded

  28. Ankur Kumar says:

    Sorry to hear man

  29. Gary Zeman says:

    how does it compare to dhi

  30. Talal Perez Ghosheh says:

    Goh Sha more masculine compared to DHI
    Not so in the face iris compared to my 2014 DHI
    Smooth and creamy vanilla with leather. Sweet but not overly sweet with Tonka. Hints of the mandarin and sage

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