Regardless of price, what is the absolute best citrus

Regardless of price, what is the absolute best citrus scent you have ever smelled and would buy another bottle of once it runs out. Feel free to add options to the poll!


  1. Stephen Cabil says:

    I love Nio but I haven’t gotten my nose on Bergamont 22 yet, heard alot of good things about it

  2. Jorge Casas says:

    I don’t own many bottles but this is one of the few.

  3. Jean Blanc says:

    Who votes for B22 over Nio?? This has to be an absolute farce. Nio is definitely the best citrus ever and it will be for the next 25 years or longer.

  4. Jason Yeomans says:

    I know right !,,, WTF people ?

  5. Jason Yeomans says:

    Chris Hall yeah,, but Nio is very wearable though..

  6. Ricky Castro says:

    Jason Yeomans I get it through. I eat more hamburgers than I do ribeye steaks. They both have their place on my opinion

  7. Sebastian Wanda says:

    Chris Hall yeah,, but Nio is very wearable though..

  8. Ryan Fider says:

    Bergamot 22 by a landslide… at the end of the day it’s all opinionated

  9. Brian Wade says:

    Jo malone lime basil mandarin. Just try it in the dept store , maybe you like it too

  10. This is a great one!

  11. Stephen Cabil says:

    D&G light blue intense for men.

  12. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Nio with B22 really close.

  13. Mark Mcauley says:

    Nio faaar over B22, lol this voting must be a joke….
    All the people who voted for B22 haven’t smell Nio i think.
    I own both and i can easly say Nio is the best citrus scent in the niche perfumery.

  14. Jason Yeomans says:

    Its true i never smelled nio :p so i chose B22 . Nio isnt for my budget

  15. Jason Yeomans says:

    I don’t reach for my Nio often because of the cost but my backup by far is Mandarino Di Amalfi! For everyday wear I use Dua Matrix layered with Molecule 01

  16. Mohammad Kased says:

    TDH eau tres fraiche, beautiful citrus summer fragrance. The geranium in the heart adds to this beauty also.

  17. Artie Lejarde says:

    Fraiche is great juice !

  18. Nico Red Trinchese says:

    Xerjoff Renaissance slightly over Nio

  19. Will Chung says:

    22 over Nio ?!????

  20. Cadiz Coca says:

    Big difference in performance i hear?, thats why i havent got Bergamote 22 yet

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