reminds you of the 90s which Fragrances would it be?

Ladies and gentlemen it is one fragrance that you can choose that reminds you of the 90s which Fragrances would it be? For me it’s Chanel allure. It was my uncles signature scentbe? For me its’ Chanel A Luehr 90


  1. Dayan Muthukumar says:

    CK Eternity & Obsession

  2. Vijay Masih says:

    CK One
    Polo Sport
    Cool Water

  3. Brian Shotton Jnr says:

    Polo sport and Tommy

  4. Moe Moaddab says:

    Drakkar Noir and Brutë

  5. Elena Porcelli says:

    Dewberry del Body Shop

  6. Rich Lewandowski says:

    D&G By Man, Gucci Envy

  7. Abdoul Aziz Diallo says:

    cool water
    chanel allure

  8. Travis Wayne says:

    Cool Water
    Drakkar Noir

  9. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Nautica Competition

  10. Mike Gillespie says:

    Drakkar Noir and Cool Water

  11. Brian Wade says:

    Acqua Di Gio Cool Water and Polo Sport.

  12. Bilal Unar says:

    Givenchy Gentlemen

  13. Kevin Campbell says:

    Emporio Armani He/Lui

  14. Daniel Joffe says:

    D&G Pour Homme or Cool Water, oh and Joop!

  15. Carlos Laguerta says:

    Fahrenheit all day baby!

  16. Cadiz Coca says:

    Nautica competition

  17. Suleman Danlami says:

    Obsession, Calvin Klein.

  18. François Zizou says:

    Polo Sport & Tommy

  19. Gavin Maciel says:

    90’s were my night clubbing years so if we were talking early 90’s then Joop Homme reigned supreme! You could smell it everywhere! Second half of the 90’s, Le Male and ADG took over!

  20. Wylie Love III says:

    It’s not for me but Tommy and Versace Blue Jeans. Or even the original Curve. But Chrome was my scent.

  21. Ondra Reichl says:

    I hear 90’s and I instantly think Fahrenheit!

  22. Trett Andrews says:

    OG Michael Jordan scent.

  23. Paul Stanyer says:

    Giorgio armani beverley hills

  24. Brian Shotton Jnr says:

    I was on a field trip in Germany at 13 y/o with school and spent a good part of my trip allowance on Tommy. Should have known then I’d be a frag head ??

  25. João Martins says:

    Le Male and Egoiste

  26. Jordan Howe says:

    Considering I was born 97 I don’t think I can relate but my dad used to wear Paco rabbane pour homme, very reminiscent of the late 90s for myself

  27. Maximos Akrivos says:

    Versace Blue Jeans

  28. Judith Marianne Taufan says:

    Gosh, CK Escape was my perfume in the 90s. I wore it to every school dances & the prom. I still love it & like to wear it ; especially on December 31st to reminisce about the past and welcome the future at the same time.

  29. Craig Maurice says:

    Karl Lagerfeld PHOTO and Yves Saint Laurent Jazz

  30. Samitioata I'amaleava says:

    Tommy Hilfiger Freedom ??

  31. Aindrila Chaudhuri says:

    CK Escape – a lot of my mother’s friends and female teachers used to reek of this fragrance. It had infested my senses as a 90s kid since almost every adult woman I knew was into this perfume (or a dupe of Escape)

  32. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I own them
    D&G pour homme vintage
    Safari by Ralph Lauren
    Cigar by Remy Latour

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