Rochas man destroyed Creed aventus

Rochas man destroyed Creed aventus????


  1. Mubashar Ali says:

    That girl have taste ?

  2. Daryl Gathing says:

    The one that comes in a cone shaped bottle?

  3. Kevin Justin DeCarlo says:

    Yeah like a butt plug ?

  4. Youness Fourar says:

    I spashed on my Aventus last week, washed my whites with Tide and bleach, and that shirt came out of the drier still smelling like Aventus.

  5. Traian Traian says:

    But it got destroyed by that butt plug looking bottle.

  6. Steve Thaw says:

    One girl preferred it over Aventus.

    Destroyed ??

  7. Liam Barrett says:

    All u Jeremy haters. Beware… He will find u n come after u in his new ferrari ????

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