Sampling WSP Black Pepper and not Blackbeard

I was actually sampling WSP Black Pepper and not Blackbeard. Believe it or not, black pepper somehow manages to smell like Uden to me. It’s quite good.

Anyone compared WSP’s Blackbeard to Uden? Man I’d swear they’re super close. I screwed up my sampling by getting some of both on the same hand, so I need to compare them again later, but the first thing I thought when I opened (and almost spilled) the Blackbeard, was Uden. Went and opened my sample vial of Uden and they do seem really close to me.
Blackbeard does smell expensive to me.


  1. Paul Hart says:

    Reading back through the notes on Blackbeard, almost makes me wonder if they labeled it wrong. But whatever I have here is pretty nice.

  2. Trevor Rabbach says:

    Interesting. Yeah, the notes are way different, but maybe? If you find out it’s a different one please let me know. I’m a huge fan of Uden but hate the price ?

  3. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Chances are you did botch the initial comparison. Try sampling them separately before wearing them side by side. Pay attention to their development from opening through the mid phases to drydown, and the projected scent in the air.

  4. Paul Hart says:

    See edit in original post.

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