Seriously thinking of throwing away all my perfume boxes

Seriously thinking of throwing away all my perfume boxes. Taking up too much space.


  1. Jordan Howe says:

    Just keep the better presented ones

  2. Jose Ochoa says:

    Same here but not the discontinued frag ones lol

  3. Sharlan Ahmad says:

    I would like to take it if u don’t mind:) and I can send the AWB detail for u to courier via DHL ?

  4. Yuri Walscharts says:

    as a colector of various shit: NEVER THROW AWAY THE FUCKING BOXES. you never know when you need em for moving or sale. just get a room or closet dedicated to boxes et voila problem solved

  5. Lester Lee says:

    Hey I don’t have room to dedicate to this. Damn…you r right. guess need to get a tub to move to the garage

  6. Yuri Walscharts says:

    Lester Lee i have a small section between my desk and my wall where i just stack every box that i have lol. it looks like shit but hey atleast it works xD to save space you could definately flatten the cheaper boxes that don’t have any protectants in them tho. i also recommend those big curver boxes on wheels that you can slide under your bed.

  7. Jon Brooks says:

    You know what big beard business says.

  8. Daniel Joffe says:

    You’re killing me. Please don’t! I just opened mine up and packed them flat and they all fit in a couple of banker boxes (about 100-150 boxes)

  9. Lester Lee says:

    That’s after moving all the niche stuff out

  10. Christopher Lang says:

    I don’t keep any

  11. Eugene H. Bigham says:

    In the words of BBB fuck the box

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