she sent it to me.. so what do I do?

Alright guys I am not quite sure what to do in this situation…. a customer wanted to return her order for a refund because she ordered from a couple shops for family pictures and decided she wanted to return the bows she ordered from me.. I said thats fine and gave her my address to return and she said she sent them out to me…. well that was 11 days ago so I asked if she sent them already because I havent received anything back and she claims she did in the 20th and thought they would get to me by now. She didnt provide me tracking or her reciept that she sent it to me.. so what do I do? I dont know if she is claiming that she returned them but is keeping the product or she wrote down the wrong address?


  1. Jen Salzman says:

    You dont do anything until you get them back. Its on her, not you. If they dont show up you dont refund.

  2. Stephanie Timmerman says:

    Yep agree! No bows, no tracking, no refund.

  3. Kiersten Holden Knighton says:

    If I say that can she open a case against me for it? Im sure she would leave a bad review..

  4. Tammy Gee says:

    Pretty sure she cant, or at least, it wouldnt be found in her favour..

  5. Xine Lewis says:

    I would never have followed up with her to see if she sent them….ball was in her court and now youve possibly opened up a can of problems and sent her a reminder to get her money back or an open door to try to get free stuff. No news and no returned packages was good news. Leave good news alone lol. Amazon is now suspending peoples prime accounts for doing this stuff. Just saying… Ordering a bunch of stuff knowing shes guna return it…booo.

  6. Adri Luna says:

    I have it in my return policy that they need to return it within 30 days and have it tracked and insured. To CYA because people try all kinds of things! Hopefully that helps!

  7. Michele Byrum says:

    You refund when it’s returned. If it isn’t returned to you that’s on her. If she shipped it tracked she would have the tracking info. Up to her to insure it from loss.

  8. Lisa Spangler says:

    Did you make sure to say she must return them with tracking? Also make sure to tell them they need to return in original condition within 5 days or whatever amount of time you think is ok.

  9. Kiersten Holden Knighton says:

    Okay update! It arrived but she didnt pay enough postage so I had to pay two dollars.. ? so do I just refund the product cost minus the two dollars? I already told her I wouldnt refund the prior shipping cost

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