shop powder smell in the dry down… am I alone?

Sampling By Kilian’ s Back to Black. Lovely scent, nice hint of tobacco from top to base… but I keep getting this strong barber shop powder smell in the dry down… am I alone? No one ever calls Back to Black a barbershop scent but should it be?


  1. Tri Nguyen says:

    i got really strong tobacco honey , by baber shop do you mean iris ?

  2. Kevin Pryce says:

    No a real baby powder type of smell

  3. Kevin Pryce says:

    Like Pinaud Clubman

  4. Tri Nguyen says:

    are you sure it is the real juice, I have not seen anyone getting barbershop vibe with back to black

  5. Kevin Pryce says:

    Man! Im sure it’s legit… but that’s why I’m asking. I don’t remember getting this smell the first time. Really powdery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really really nice. Just my latest observation

  6. Tri Nguyen says:

    man, you make me doubt myself now lol. I get mine as a sample from the kilian boutique when i bought one of their bottle, probably have to try again tonight

  7. Kevin Pryce says:

    Do it do it do it lol

  8. Tri Nguyen says:

    I just try it a again, got a heavy dose of tobacco and some sourness from honeywell and fruit, I do see why you think it is the barbershop lol, probably because of the vanilla.
    In my opnion tobacco vanille and rouge tabac are far more creamy powdery tobacco scent than back to black

  9. Kevin Pryce says:

    Tri Nguyen well everyone has different body chemistry and a different sense of smell… the opening smells exactly as u described but I find the dry down becomes powdery on my skin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts man. Very cool meeting you.

  10. Neal Robert Smookler says:

    Back to Black is known for its powdery charms. I wouldn’t call it barbershop but yes it is very powdery.

  11. Kevin Pryce says:

    Hmmm… I cant wait for my next trip to the barber shop lol

  12. Kris Goss says:

    NyQuil cough syrup

  13. Kevin Pryce says:

    Whoa whoa whoa… I wouldn’t go that far!

  14. Kris Goss says:

    oh I would, biggest regret I ever bought

  15. Kevin Pryce says:

    Kris Goss really?! How much u selling for? Lol

  16. Kevin Pryce says:

    Kris Goss I actually enjoy it but I cant shake this baby or barbershop powder scent

  17. Kris Goss says:

    Kevin Pryce I dunno, $120ish I haven’t really thought about it

  18. Kevin Pryce says:

    Well how much do you have in the bottle and do u ship to Canada?

  19. Kris Goss says:

    It’s pretty much full but I don’t know about shipping to Canada

  20. Kevin Pryce says:

    I’ll pay. U send it. No return address. 🙂

  21. Kris Goss says:

    Kevin Pryce hit me up on messenger and let me think on it, I’ll let you know

  22. Derek J Robinson Sr. says:

    Today was my first time smelling the By Kilian lineup and could not walk out of there without purchasing that Sacred Wood, and definitely going back when the cooler months come to get that Black Phantom.

  23. Kevin Pryce says:

    Haven’t gotten my nose on Sacred Wood but I hear it’s a 10! I hear Black Phantom is a 10 as well. I really enjoy Kilian. My fave is still Intoxicated!

  24. Derek J Robinson Sr. says:

    Intoxicated was very nice…I’m highly impressed with their lineup. I sprayed Straight to Heaven on my hand and thought it was okay but now 5-6 hours later I’m really appreciating its dry down scent as well.

  25. Tri Nguyen says:

    I like intoxicated too, a really nice coffee scent but I cant get over that fact that it smell so similar to A men, and Amen already have enough imitator as it is

  26. Kevin Pryce says:

    Derek J Robinson Sr. Their lineup is solid. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  27. Kevin Pryce says:

    Tri Nguyen I didnt getthe Amen similarity. Sounds like I’ll be putting my nose on intoxicated again lol.

  28. Luciana Savaris says:

    I get baby powder or baby wipes.

  29. Kevin Pryce says:

    I knew I wasn’t alone!

  30. not really barber shop but powdery for sure.

  31. Daniel Joffe says:

    Yeah exactly. I think “barbershop” scents are the combo of the powder but then they add in dry spices or herbs. B2B has the powder side but it’s more of an oriental/gourmand on top, not spice, so it’s not a barbershop scent, it just overlaps on one of the two components.

  32. Kevin Pryce says:

    Daniel Joffe Fair! I can’t argue or debate the general spicy accord that accompanies barbershop scents… it’s just b2b gets so powdery and reminds me so much of the powder used at a barbershop. The opening is very gourmand, it’s that dry down that turns into powder.

  33. Daniel Faulkner says:

    It’s 1 part cherry tobacco and 1 part baby powder.

  34. Kevin Pryce says:

    Kevin Pryce lovely scent!

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