Shout out to Alan Berdjis for another fantastic transaction I

Shout out to Alan Berdjis for another fantastic transaction!
I heard some negative feedback on this one but I am glad I tried it for myself. The fruity raspberry notes are outstanding imo!


  1. Kevin Turner says:

    Very nice frag. Congrats bro! Smelled this on Jah Resilient Prince and was impressed with it

  2. Sinisa Alempijevik says:

    Kirke is an outstanding frag imo.

  3. Jamez Alan says:

    Love me some raspberry. Next time i order from you i want to try this and dasman!

  4. angela hathaway says:

    Such a great choice!

  5. Michael C. says:

    Miller I thought this was supposed to be very similar to Erba Pura.

  6. Alan Berdjis says:

    Thank you Brandon, Kirke is fantastic, enjoy! ???

  7. Nathan Aaron says:

    Cates Got this last week….its a banger…lasts 8 hrs + on my skin!

  8. Jah Resilient says:

    Prince It is just beautiful

  9. Emmanuel Encarnacion says:

    Love some of Terenzi creations 🙂

  10. Arshad Fakruddin says:

    Beastly juice, gotta be easy on the trigger

  11. James Henri says:

    I have a sample from Alan Berdjis I intend to get this in the very near future.

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