sites like fragrancex and fragrancenet. Are they legit or scam?

Ok I got a question. I usually buy my fragrances directly from the official sites or from retail stores. But I hear mixed views on discount sites like fragrancex and fragrancenet. Are they legit or scam? Has anyone dealt with them directly? I’d love to save a bit of money so I can add more things to my collection. But I’d hate to get scammed, as I haven’t been scammed yet.


  1. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Dealt with both. No issues so far but only bought cheapies.

  2. Ron Terwilliger says:

    Just search the group for both, this has been asked and answered before.

  3. Ron Terwilliger says:

    True, it has and it was mixed opinions. That’s why I asked again. I should of asked info on recent transactions with them.

  4. Sash Pecinov says:

    Haven’t seen too many mixed opinions lately, as long as you stick with fragrancenet, notino, and fragrancex you’ll be fine. I’ve used all of them many, many times, made returns to each and all provided an excellent return experience. When it comes to…

  5. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    Colton, you can also post ISO (in search of) and name what you looking for. Someone in the group may have it and you two can work a deal that is beneficial for both. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe what I suggested is permissible within the group.

  6. Shawn Shell says:

    Ya I don’t typically buy from people or trade. Again don’t want to get knockoffs. I have done it before on occasion and got lucky. Just feel uneasy about it.

  7. Alyssa Alaia says:

    This has never been asked before

  8. Raluca Neacsu says:

    Lol i can swear on this.

  9. Moe Uddin says:

    Zakarias B. Kawamleh Read his response to my reply above, he admits it has. I’ve answered this question before, maybe I’m confusing it with another group though, but him admitting it has been asked before supports my reply.

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