small ball only to turn black Am I doing something wrong

Whats wrong with my watermelons/melons I get little bits only to have them dry out, shrivel and turn black. Ive only had one grow the size of a small ball only to turn black.
Am I doing something wrong?????


  1. Bruce Collier says:

    maybe not good pollination, do u see any bees?

  2. Carmen Lopez Murillo says:

    Ive spotted a few. I planted jalapeños and tomatoes and those were fine

  3. Tara Pothoven says:

    Yeah what Michael says. I have the same problem. Have been advised to give potassiumoxide & Nitrogen too. It helps with growing strong.

  4. Carmen Lopez Murillo says:

    Im sorry for asking. But where can i buy that? Its my first time planting anything ever

  5. Tara Pothoven says:

    You can save egg shells and make power of them. They are good for calcium absorption.

    As well you can find epsom salt on Amazon or in stores. Some have magnesiumsulfate

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