So what is the consensus on Vanilla Intense?

So what is the consensus on Vanilla Intense?


  1. Jamie Robinson says:

    Second best release behind PV Intense.

  2. Craig Rees says:

    I prefer it to King Intense and I also like King. Both King and Vanilla Intense have a good amount of Vanilla and I prefer Vanilla Intense. The opening of King though is zesty and peppery – it’s the most Aventus like to my nose.

  3. Adam Rothschild says:

    How about performance

  4. Craig Rees says:

    I get 8 – 9 hrs from Vanilla Intense and 6 – 7 hrs from King. Vanilla Intense still gets compliments after 6 hours so it’s clearly projecting

  5. Kevin Andrew says:

    I can decant 10mls for $17.50 shipped to conus of vanilla intense

  6. Michael Andrews says:

    I got Vanilla Intense ….I think I still like PVI better ….but Vanilla intense is really good tho…lots of compliments from both…need to get another bottle of PVI

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