something I bought on Esty. How do I do it?

I am being really silly…I am trying to leave a review for something I bought on Esty. How do I do it???


  1. Jennifer Kennedy says:

    When did you buy it?

  2. Gabriel Lorien says:

    Look at your past purchases and you can leave reviews on any item you have purchased within a certain time period. If there is no option for leaving a review you are past the time limit.

  3. Audrey Ciprari says:

    Well that is too bad. It shipped from the UK and it is lovely!!!

  4. Anita LaHay says:

    Or it may have arrived sooner than the review period opens. If it got to you quickly you can keep checking for the review to be open.

  5. Jen Salzman says:

    It will tell you what date you can leave a review on.

  6. Audrey Ciprari says:

    thank you all!!!!

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