SOTD —- Bentley Intense For Men (EDP)— Whenever you

SOTD —- Bentley Intense For Men (EDP)— Whenever you want people to believe you’re wearing an expensive niche fragrance, you wear this one. Those of you who have tried it, didn’t like it, or haven’t tried yet, you need to have some patience to deal with the top notes, which might be challenging to your noses before you witness the magic from the heart, to the base. This fragrance is one of the fragrances that are “underrated” and ridiculously affordable, considering the power-punches that they deliver. This one definitely stands up to some supposedly-niche fragrances.


  1. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    A stunning fragrance

  2. Nando Medina says:

    Just got mine in the other day. Amazing.

  3. Joshua Hoke says:

    Been thinking about blind buying

  4. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    I liked it but couldn’t stand the amber notes in drydown. Apart from that, it’s excellent value for money.

  5. Ahmed Hezzah says:

    Which occasions and seasons is it best suited for?

  6. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Ahmed Hezzah it’s formal and heavy.

  7. Rod Figaro says:

    Ahmed, it’s ideal for cool to cold seasons.

  8. Charles Martinez says:

    Macho in a bottle. Unmatched projection and longevity. Not for the faint of heart, lol

  9. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    I’d get multiple bottles of this, it’s that great. It lasts forever and smells intoxicatingly rich and boozy. Beautiful gem of a frag

  10. Kevin Campbell says:

    I’ve never tried the Intense version, but I do own Bentley. That one is already like taking testosterone boosters. I can only imagine what this one does.

  11. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    If you like a more tamed version of this, try Fan di Fendi Assolutu. I have it and I like it more than Bentley intense.

  12. John Christian says:

    I have over 400 bottles and believe me this is in my top 5 rotation for LIFE…. Absolute masterpiece and worth 10 x the price.

  13. Denis Alessio says:

    Would you list your Top 5? ?

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