SOTD: Bleu de Chanel See Translation

SOTD: Bleu de Chanel
See Translation


  1. Freddie Rivera says:

    Lol I enjoy this one

  2. Carlos J Powell says:

    Me too Freddie

  3. Reddy Lee Yohrs says:

    Me three Carlos J Powell..

  4. Christopher Hickman says:

    Cool picture

  5. Felix Sylvester Eggert says:

    I don’t get why almost everybody hates this – underrated juice IMO.

  6. Carlos J Powell says:

    It’s nothing groundbreaking, but I think it’s a versatile scent for work and/or night. Woodsy aromatic. Can’t go wrong, really.

  7. John A Stagg says:

    I love this fragrance…I only wish it would last on my skin for more then 15min!!!

  8. Carlos J Powell says:

    For someone with scent sponge skin, I got pretty decent longevity, John

  9. John A Stagg says:

    I wish…I could get a bit extra if I hit my cloths. I still enjoy it though its fleeting. I tend to spray it if Im just around the house that way I can spray every 15 minutes!! lol

  10. Vern Joiner says:

    The ladies love this one it’s my #1 compliment getter…

  11. Anthony Brennan says:

    I have yet to meet someone who doesnt like this

  12. Vern Joiner says:

    Very true Anthony Brennan. It’s not one I reach for alot, but wear because it’s a compliment getter…

  13. Brad Clare says:

    my sotd as well . really enjoy it

  14. Sidney Catlett says:

    John Stagg Nose fatigue is really easy with this. The opening grapefruit is beast but the middle and dry down of the incense is moderate. I’m willing to bet other can pick it up on you even though you dont. The spring, fall and winter and good for this especially out at night. Summer humidity eats it up.

  15. Paolo Gomez says:

    I smell it everywhere here in Shanghai. =(

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