SOTD Chanel Allure Homme See Translation

SOTD Chanel Allure Homme
See Translation


  1. Narada James says:

    That Panamera tho.. nice

  2. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    Hehe no thats a cayenne turbo my friend ^^

  3. Narada James says:

    Lol, was a shot in the dark, either way still nice just in SUV form.

  4. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    Thanks mate ?

  5. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    Haha macks don’t worry I got the expensive stuff to match 😛 but this one was in the car and why not wear, I keep some few fragrances in the car incase I forgot to wear one before leaving and luckily this one was one of the few I had kept in my car xD and it does the job 😉

  6. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    And plus i don’t think of allure homme as a cheapy it’s true that its designer but still a classy one

  7. Jamaal Campbell says:

    Expensive doesnt equal better. Lot of good ordinary designer stuff as there is horrible expensive.

  8. Jonas Fransson says:

    New formulation? How does it perform?

  9. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    And btw allure homme is around 150-170 usd in my country

  10. Mohammed Al-Suwaidi says:

    Jonas it’s good i get a lot compliments from females, it lasts around 7-8 hours on my skin maybe more not exactly sure but lasts for long time

  11. Kenneth Ward says:

    I thought it was a 911 turbo for a second, man!!!!

  12. Dino Cavaliere says:

    Don’t drive and sniff…

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