SOTD Fragrance Du Bois Oud Orange Intense If you like

SOTD: Fragrance Du Bois Oud Orange Intense
If you like creamy orange scents such as Profumum Roma Meringa, you will most likely like this one as well.
What I get most is the creamy vanilla-coconut scent, with the orange on top. I would consider this a fresh gourmand. This is to creamy orange, what Uden/Edition Blanche are to creamy lemon.
This is not a serious scent if you are looking for one, but not all fragrances in our collections need to be formal and serious. This is more a playful and happy-spirited scent and I consider this 100% Unisex. One of those scents that will remind you of good times for sure. Also, super easy for all to wear.
Performance is also strong on this one, very noticeable for at least 5.5-6 hours then coming closer.


  1. Karm Hundal says:

    I have 99% full bottle for sale if anyone looking for one ?

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