SOTD!!! Love at first sniff, my first Xerjoff full

SOTD!!! Love at first sniff, my first Xerjoff full bottle, the beauty, the uniqueness, the one which breaks the mold, 1-2 sprays as Naxos, there’s no other perfume on the market like this one, you can’t duplicate, it smells like it’s out of this World, it comes from Xerjoff Universe, the Words haven’t been invented yet to describe this gem ? because it’s MORE THAN WORDS ????


  1. Emmanuel Ansah Boansi says:

    I love Xerjoff and i love your posts!

  2. Rafael Balarezo says:

    Thanks Emmanuel, ??

  3. Patrick Bowling says:

    I made the mistake a couple of years ago and sprayed 6 sprays of this one. Needless to say I choked everyone out lol!!!!

  4. Rafael Balarezo says:

    With BR 540, Naxos, Corallo and More Than Words 1-2 sprays are enough otherwise will not only chocking everyone also you will kill the aroma of the beauties.

  5. Patrick Bowling says:

    i was really just getting into the frag world at that point. I never made that mistake again lol.

  6. Tiffany Hall says:

    I was warned dont spray more than 2 spray, i was like gtfoh imma go hard…well sirs, a biiiiiig mistake ??

    My peeps NEVER complain about my perfume..but that day i made history ??

    Now i apply one spray to my hand and dab…..#datsit

  7. Mark Mcauley says:

    Great fragrance, Love Naxos but this that “Im here motherfucker” (Samuel L Jackson voice) , when you walk in room lol

  8. Adam Rothschild says:

    Is this old style bottle?

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