SOTD — The parfum version does not need a

SOTD — The parfum version does not need a whole lot of introduction, other than the fact that it’s the classier, smoother, more refined, mature mature, more reserved, more elegant, longer-lasting older bother of the eau de toilette. Though, the younger brother projects better / farther, with just about equal percentage of sillage. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt or denial that they’re (brothers) siblings.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wearing this today

  2. Pranay Jain says:

    is it me or anyone else, I mean even Jeremy of Jeremy Fragrance feels that the Dior Sauvage EDT is more sharp and projects more than the EDP. The EDP is more smooth and balanced. But projection and sillage I think the EDT wins hands down. Anyone agree with me here ?

  3. Lcb Misael says:

    Any edt is better imo, for example Bleu De Chanel’s edp dosent project on me at all as for the edt version it’s beastly and better smelling too!

  4. Pranay Jain says:

    Lcb Misael But isn’t that quite contradictory, aren’t EDP supposed to be more stronger in concentration and hence supposed to last longer than the EDT ? ?

  5. Rod Figaro says:

    Pranay, the EDP is stronger in concentration, and it does last longer, too. I’m talking about projection. The EDT projects farther, due to its higher alcohol percentage. The EDP has more oil, projects less / closer around (you) your personal space.

  6. Pranay Jain says:

    Rod Figaro I always desire for fragrances which are in beast mode ! So for me it doesn’t matter as long as it projects and creates an aura it doesn’t matter if it is a EDP or EDT !!

  7. Rod Figaro says:

    Pranay, in projection, YES, but in sillage, just about the same.

  8. Pranay Jain says:

    I thought on my skin the EDP was just a little meek and underwhelming. Was not a beast least to say.

  9. Rod Figaro says:

    I wrote this review on it back on February, which is also on Fragrantica.

    I was certainly excited to test this fragrance out, and the results are quite interesting. To begin with, I applied some unscented lotion / moisturizer around my skin, especially neck, to ensure that my skin was well moisturized, with no possibility of dryness. I had not been stressed over the past 72 hours, prior and during the test. I had not been eating raw onions or garlic, which could have potentially affected my skin scent, triggering undesired biases. Also, I had a friend with me, so I could ask her about the projection each hour. She stood 15 feet away, couldn’t smell the fragrance; she stepped up closer to 10 feet, still couldn’t smell anything. Then, she stepped up much closer to 6 feet, then she could smell the fragrance. During which, I made certain to move my body a bit, with mild movements to ensure projection. In other words, it projects up to 6 feet.

    Before the test, I applied a total of five (full) sprays. One spray on each side of my neck; one over my head; one on each shoulder, on (fabric) clothing.

    As for sillage, I got consistent trails of scent bubbles, walking by, and my friend kept two thumbs up, smiling at me.

    The fragrance lasted 9 hours on my skin until the scent started its disappearing act, and I barely could get any whiff, without sinking my nostrils into my skin and deeply inhaling. As for my shirt, I was able to get strong whiffs this morning until. 6:00 O’clock. By 9:00, it started taming down a bit, but still could be scented upon sinking my nose on the fabric.

    In conclusion, Dior Sauvage (EDP) eau de parfum is a solid fragrance that should not be underestimated or overlooked. It smells opulent, classy, mature, sophisticated, and alluring.

    Given that I also have the (EDT) eau de toilette version, the EDP / eau de parfum’s younger brother, even though it’s post inception, I much prefer this newly EDP release, in terms of overall scent and performance. The EDP lasts two hours longer than the EDT. Though, the EDT projects a bit farther, and it’s also more in-your-face, more outgoing, more unapologetic, more aggressive, as opposed to the EDP. The eau de parfum (EDP) is more mature, more reserved, classier, more intelligent (clearing my throat) in terms of being more logical, more thoughtful, more calculative, and more confident in its presence.

  10. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    It’s getting about that time for the edp, that anise note, to me, is what does it. I don’t like anise but I like it in this

  11. Rich Nixon Jr. says:

    Stays on my dresser

  12. Kevin Holt says:

    Toilette projects more because it has more alcohol

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