Sotn: CHANEL Platinum Egoiste

Sotn: CHANEL Platinum Egoiste


  1. Krisiun Osnola Boytriger says:

    FINALLY bro DIOR HOMME INTENSE is available Now in philippines.. what do you think is it smells Good as the old formulation??

  2. Krisiun Osnola Boytriger says:

    i never smelled the old DHI so i wanna know what the communities Opinions & thoughts of the old and new formulation of DHI?

  3. Adrienne Macaspac says:

    so how’s the smell bro? hindi ba amoy matanda to? i’m thinking of blind buying it for this coming summer..

  4. Bobby Ching says:

    amoy mayaman na matandang binata. lol

  5. Adrienne Macaspac says:

    amoy sugar daddy n playboy? hahahaha” bgay pla 2 s lolo q,, pero not as old as dior fahrenheit?

  6. Bobby Ching says:

    Chanel PE…classy, rich and sensual, great for matured gentlemen(30’s). overused na ang Fahrenheit. gack! ^^

  7. Adrienne Macaspac says:

    ganon ba, hindi pa pala bagay skin ang PE,, better buy edition blanche.. thanx..

  8. Daniel Corrêa says:

    try the original Egoiste too !

  9. Jesus Tony SixteenBars Barron says:

    i really wanted to like this, i guess im not that egoiste

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