SOTN: Tom Ford Oud Wood.

SOTN: Tom Ford Oud Wood.??


  1. Alberto Arredondo says:

    That was my wedding fragrance.

  2. Beautiful perfume . I love it

  3. Devin Jones says:

    I love this one.

  4. Damian Gracia says:

    Was also rocking this today

  5. Mahsam Raza says:

    Nice Jubilee bracelet. DJ36mm?

  6. Andreas Sardis says:

    Mahsam Raza You’re right!

  7. Christopher Johnson says:

    Dj36 and oud wood is ?

  8. Christopher Johnson says:

    Even tho for me the dj41 is the ???

  9. جورج برنارد شو says:

    Very very nice ?

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