spinach family Have you ever grown Swiss chard in your garden

Good morning from Pa. zone 6…Swiss Chard is one of my favorite leafy greens to direct-sow here in our Plant-Smart Living Gardens…they are something really easy to grow and require 4-6 hours of sunlight, and they are pick and come again so you can continue to harvest from your plants right through the season. They are also in the spinach family!
Have you ever grown Swiss chard in your garden?


  1. Susan Calvo says:

    No, I have never grown it, but yours looks truly amazing..!

  2. Patricia Nunez says:

    Is is too late to plant in zone 6b?

  3. Fred Detwiler says:

    I dont think so… Just keep things watered!

  4. Patricia Nunez says:

    Thank you Fred! I planted dinasour kale a couple of weeks ago. Hope it grows.

  5. Thomas Henry says:

    I do grow it, yours looks quite large, I pick and sauté much sooner. What do u do with the big ones u show in your picture?

  6. Fred Detwiler says:

    I steam my leafy greens and have them over brown rice or potatoes and I also add them to my green smoothies… 🙂

  7. Henry Schiller says:

    Many think its related to spinach but thats wrong. Actually its part of the Beet family and you can cook beet greens just like chard.

  8. Susan Tropeano says:

    You can do anything with Swiss chard that you do with spinach. I grew it last year for the first time and it is so prolific and easy to grow that I will never have a garden without it again. It is delicious. Very much like spinach. Can eat it raw or steam it or sauté it. Im in Massachusetts and will be adding Swiss chard seeds throughout the season. It will grow until a hard frost.

  9. Candace Brown Wilson says:

    This is my first time growing it. Its really pretty to look at. Ive never eaten it though, so Im hesitant to harvest it.

  10. Susan Tropeano says:

    If you like spinach you will love it!

  11. Tanya Crenovich says:

    Here in the Pacific NW it lasted over winter (I did cover when it got really cold a couple of times). I harvested a boatload of rather large leaves the chopped and blanched them and froze. I like it added to vegetable soup and to a marinara sauce.

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