Sport Eau Extreme. Which one do you guys like and why?

Stuck between Bleu de Chanel EDP
and Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.
Which one do you guys like and why?


  1. Sethu Prabagaran says:

    Bleu- office safe. Its my go2

  2. Ankur Kumar says:

    love both, it depends on what you already have. if you already have a sauvage/dylan blue type mass pleaser id go with AHSEE

  3. Ankur Kumar says:

    AHSEE was my ex girlfriends favorite cologne on me

  4. Yanek Yakubov says:

    I have Sauvage but im not too crazy about it. I wanna swap it for either BDC or AHSEE.

  5. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Both great. AHSEE is my fave of the two. Can’t go wrong either way though.

  6. Eric Espinosa says:

    BDC won’t project much but scent will last
    Eau Extreme will project all day
    IMO Eau exteme

  7. Ankur Kumar says:

    it’s more unique too (BDC is prob the most common cologne out of our age demographic right now), i’d say def AHSEE

  8. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Keep Sauvage and get Eau Extreme. Trust me Sauvage will grow on you. I also think Eau Extreme is good for office (really any occasion) just be mindful of the sprayer

  9. Sethu Prabagaran says:

    I used Sauvage for a while and got ? compliment at work. Everyone really liked it. But after a while it feels like too much for office setting.

  10. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Oh yeah man the stuff works like magic! I wasn’t a huge fan at first but it grew to be a huge go to especially for social events. I don’t use it at work, I think there are better options for that setting.

  11. Sethu Prabagaran says:

    Yeah, after watching all those utube reviews most of my favourite reviewers didn’t like it. But as Dior fan boy tried it. Picked up a bottle. Felt like its ok fragrance. After getting so many compliments in just one day. Ordered a 150ml bottle as back up as dior is known for reformulating their fragrance.

  12. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Yeah it’s a simple scent, but the projection helps it get great attention. The only thing close for me was the original Allure Homme Sport

  13. Sethu Prabagaran says:

    I dont know why after adding some niche to my collection, now all designer fragrance smells similar, ended up want sell all my designer and keep some like pure malt, gucci oud, sauvage, eau sauvage edp, dior homme intense.

  14. Eric Terrell says:

    Blue edp by a mile!!

  15. Goran Grivčić says:

    BdC smell but its weak as hell. So allure. Its amazing, gets compliments, well done and lasts.

  16. Jason Luedtke says:

    I sprayed on Bdc 5 in the morning on one occasion and at 2 in the afternoon lady stopped me asked what I had on said I smelled good.
    Far from weak

  17. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Its weak on me and people I know avoid it cuz the same reason. If it had strength, would have gotten it a looong time ago.

  18. Anthony McQuiston says:


    Get Versace Man (purple bottle) Simple

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