stressing out over options Can you please help me choose

Crisis in confidence: guys I would like to treat myself to a nice niche fragrance within 24/48 hrs and I’m stressing out over options. Can you please help me choose? Feel more than free to add options to the list.


  1. Stephen Cabil says:

    I like both Nio and Carlisle but you will probably find a better deal with getting Carlisle. Nio is like the holy grail that its usually willed to a family heir

  2. Nick Kowalick says:

    Can’t go wrong with either of the three but with the season Nio

  3. Slankard Herod and Carlysle are out of season. They can wait.

  4. Chris Ruprecht says:

    Nio. Crisis averted

  5. Bilal Azeez says:

    Carlisle is only for oud lovers. It has a strong medicinal oud note, that’s too strong

  6. Josh Samuel says:

    What vibe are you wanting?

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