tell me what this beaut of a bush is called

Can anyone tell me what this beaut of a bush is called? Tia
North East UK


  1. Bonnie Power says:

    Please edit your post with your location

  2. Fran Shepherd says:

    Looking like pieris forest flame

  3. Jenny Kelly says:

    Flame of the forest

  4. John Radford says:

    It looks like a Pieris but don’t know the name of this particular variety..from Somerset..UK

  5. Julie Fulton says:

    Heslam Peris forrest flame I have one

  6. Jackie Palmer says:

    Looks like our Pieris Forest Flame.
    (Staffordshire U.K.)

  7. Diane Linley says:

    Stead Looks like a mountain of fire pier

  8. Elaine Veitch says:

    Kim Bo I like this, I’ll have to find this in garden shops

  9. Karen Bedford says:

    I have this plant, forest flame .

  10. Neil Davy says:

    Forest flame quality ?

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