term. All GREAT info – but how to USE it?

Ohhh….I just found Etsy Search Analytics in my Marketing Tab on Etsy. Its in beta, so Im not sure if they gave it to everyone yet, but it looks exciting. You can see what ranking your listings are in for certain search terms (all pre-listed), what your conversion rate is for that term, revenue and what listings they purchased from that search term. All GREAT info – but how to USE it?? Any thoughts?


  1. Jamie Goebel Ketola says:

    i just took a look too. very interesting to say the least. i am in information overload from it. I could see it taking up a lot of my time.

  2. Susan Petersen says:

    I agree. A lot of data to process. Hopefully there is a way to zero in on what will help us.

  3. Ashley Konetski Staum says:

    I can see that one search term “weekly to do list printable” coverts at 50% for me (YAY!) but Im in the 76th position so only have 2 visits in the last 30 days. I need to get my position up for that term. Yes, I think if we can figure out how to use this tool its going to be wonderful!

  4. Beth Caudill says:

    It may help with knowing what products to work on next. Particularly since you can rearrange the order by clicking on a column. Alphabetical left me bored. But changing it to highest to lowest impressions helped see what gets the most eyes on it.

  5. Jaynie Hamilton says:

    I can’t wait to get a closer look at mine

  6. Kiva Slade says:

    I opened a Google spreadsheet and copied over data for those listings that had high impressions. I then ranked by impressions and plan to go through the data like you to see which listing I need to move up in position or tweak to increase conversion rate.

  7. Sam Coppen says:

    Will have a look now ?

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