Terre D’Hermes original, EDP, or Eau Tres Fraiche?

Terre D’Hermes original, EDP, or Eau Tres Fraiche?
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  1. Michael Kirakossian says:

    I love all three haha.

    Original — The orange top note and woody, mineral heart, but with a grassier vetiver finish. Balanced fresh and earth tones.

    EDP — Original minus the vetiver. Replaced with oakmoss, smooths it out. Emphasizes the earthy, mineral side.

    Eau Tres Fraiche — Much more linear on the top note. So if you want the fresh citrus and wood without the dirtiness, this is for you.

    I’d probably just go with the Original (though I like the EDP I think a bit more). Covers all your bases and can really be worn anywhere.

  2. Natan Barros Freitas says:

    It’s funny that I still get some vetiver nuances on the EDP version even though it is not listed

  3. Michael Kirakossian says:

    They did a great job with the oakmoss emulating it. So good.

  4. James De Leon says:

    EDP then Eau Fraiche… EDT is messy.

  5. Nomsa Yin says:

    Probably going to go with Eau Fraiche

  6. Tony Flores says:

    Tres fraiche for me.

  7. Kamau Oginga Siwatu says:

    I had a similar question today. I can send you decants from my personal bottle. Edt and edp

  8. Nomsa Yin says:

    That’s very kind of you to offer. I ended up swinging by sephora and testing all 3. Then went home and ordered Eau Tres Fraiche on a discount site.

  9. Divinus Mentalis says:

    EDP all the way. Just bought myself a new 2.5oz

  10. Sid Julien says:

    Love them all. Fraiche is my fav and love the bottles

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