that are worth the purchase for performance, smell, and versatility?

Hey FragComm besides Aventus ?. What are 3 other Creed fragrances that are worth the purchase for performance, smell, and versatility?


  1. Bhavik Shah says:

    Git is the only one that has good performance for me. I’d also recommend sublime vanilla it’s my favorite creed but performance is eh and not my favorite vanilla

  2. Bhavik Shah says:

    Clarification: favorite creed by smell alone.

  3. Jacques Wilson says:

    Yeah GIT is on my radar to purchase sometime in the near future. Even though I love Tres Nuit, I know it doesn’t have the same quality of GIT.

  4. Tim Hooks says:

    I get great performance out of Royal Mayfair, Aventus for Her, and Royal Water.

  5. Jacques Wilson says:

    Haven’t heard of any of these except Aventus for her…guess I will have to get a Creed sampling haul going ?

  6. Paul Hart says:

    Royal Mayfair is an amazing fragrance but not one I feel comfortable wearing out. I’ll spray my arm and go to bed though. ?

  7. Jacques Wilson says:

    God its sooo many Creed fragrances I didn’t know even existed lol

  8. Guy Grisdale says:

    lol @ “its”

  9. Jacques Wilson says:

    Guy Grisdale yeah it’s didn’t sound right in my head lol

  10. Abhi Kabhi says:

    Original Vetiver, Erolfa

  11. Jacques Wilson says:

    Do you think OV is better than Mugler Cologne?

  12. Abhi Kabhi says:

    Yes, longer lasting and lesser neroli/more woody. Plus a heavenly drydown, which MC lacks. But given the 5x price? Dunno.

  13. Jacques Wilson says:

    Hahaha gotcha

  14. Yousef Al-Khelaifi says:

    This. MI makes up in scent for what it lacks in performance imo

  15. Jacques Wilson says:

    Yousef Al-Khelaifi I’m buying a bottle of MI one day?

  16. Yousef Al-Khelaifi says:

    If you see a decant for sale and have never tried it, get it! It is one of the best creeds out there for smell alone.

  17. Jacques Wilson says:

    Yeah I’ve smelled it before and its just an amazing scent?

  18. Sebastian Wanda says:

    Original santal

  19. Jacques Wilson says:

    Is OS really necessary if I already have Mont Blanc Individuel?

  20. Sebastian Wanda says:

    Jacques Wilson they are similar but they are not the same. You can tell them apart. I would still get it. I have a full bottle of both.

  21. Adam Mawby says:

    if I don’t like individuel is OS still worth a test?

  22. Guy Grisdale says:

    Royal Mayfair and Tabarome are great too.

  23. Jacques Wilson says:

    I smelled Tabarome years ago and absolutely dreaded it. Royal Mayfair may have to be included in my Creed sampling haul tho.

  24. Guy Grisdale says:

    It’s kind of an old man smell.

  25. Dana Shalene says:

    erolfa and himalaya are very underrated !

  26. Jacques Wilson says:

    Looks like a Creed sampling haul will be the highlight of my summer.?

  27. Vanessa Avant says:

    I love my husbands’ royal mayfair , VIW , and Royal Oud

  28. Vanessa Avant says:

    Oh and Green Irish Tweed

  29. Jacques Wilson says:

    All of these sound good except Royal Oud since I’m not a huge fan of Oud. But if it’s a fresh type of Oud I may consider ?

  30. Vanessa Avant says:

    Jacques Wilson my first impression and I quote , “it smells like grandpas in an elevator” but smelling it on his skin it definitely grew on me .

  31. Jacques Wilson says:

    Vanessa Avant oh god?. That will be at bottom of my sampling haul lol

  32. Vanessa Avant says:

    Jacques Wilson dont sleep on it though, it more warmer than it is oud . Its not too overwhelming .

  33. Jacques Wilson says:

    Vanessa Avant ? ok I MAY try it out then

  34. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    Jacques Wilson There is Oudy smell to Royal Oud at all, u MUST try it!!! I don’t even know y they call it Royal Oud.

  35. Jacques Wilson says:

    OV vs Mugler Cologne?

  36. Jack Montgomery says:

    Silver mountain water is one of my all time faves. Its what I consider to be my signature scent.

  37. Jacques Wilson says:

    Doesn’t it have that fresh ink aquatic like smell?

  38. Jack Montgomery says:

    Yes it does have that inky type smell. For me 212 men does something similar. No they do not smell the same but they both work sort of the same. That’s just my opinion of course.

  39. Jacques Wilson says:

    Oh ok. I absolutely love 212 men! But since you say they’re not the same smell…its going on the sample list.

  40. Jack Montgomery says:

    Yes try it out I think you’ll like.

  41. Jacques Wilson says:

    Will do! Thanks man.

  42. Gabe Coren says:

    OV is richer and incredibly clean. Mugler is similar, but doesn’t have the same vetiver.

  43. Jack Montgomery says:

    Miliesime imperial is great as well. It tends to garner compliments.

  44. Gabe Coren says:

    Vetiver is interesting. I like it quite a bit, but it’s not compliment getting.

  45. Jacques Wilson says:

    Already looking to buy a huge decant of this since I’m not ready to splurge on a bottle just yet.

  46. Michael Cangelosi says:

    Very Personal.
    From my personal collection I rank them
    Silver Mountain Water (its just me)
    Millesime Imperial
    Green Irish Tweed
    Jardin D’amalfi
    Royal Oud
    Spice and Wood
    Bois Du Portugal
    Original Vetiver
    Cedre Blanc
    Virgin Island Water
    Vetiver Geranium
    Asian Green Tea
    Acier Aluminium

  47. Jacques Wilson says:

    Holy?! Hell I might just sample from your entire list sir.

  48. Jacques Wilson says:

    By the time I get done sampling Creed’s…I will have spent enough money to buy a few bottles?

  49. Terry Myers says:

    I only own Aventus. Of the rest i’ve tried, i’d rate them like this

    Original Santal

  50. Paul Hart says:

    Acier Aluminum is their most underrated and unique. Green Irish Tweed. Selection Verte.

  51. Paul Hart says:

    Oh, and Viking. I also like Boise du Portugal a lot. I use both of these as well.

  52. Paul Hart says:

    It’s impossible to pick 3 because now I left out Spice and Wood too, which is just amazing but short lived.
    I’ll go with Spice and Wood in my top 3 though. Too good not to.

  53. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Original Santal
    Bois du Portugal

  54. Chris Arcarola says:

    Ugh. You find original santal versitile?

  55. Jacques Wilson says:

    Well I’m Creeded out! Thanks for all your suggestions ladies & gentleman. I will now began my quest to purchase ALL the Creed decants that I can?.

  56. Kyle Stevens says:

    Have you gone through Steve Schroeder?

  57. Chris Arcarola says:

    GIT OV and Erolfa

  58. Jason Coursey says:

    GIT, SMW and Vetiver

  59. James De Leon says:

    Himalaya is tops!

  60. Paul Hart says:

    Anyone ever comment on it? I’ve had it for about a month and haven’t brought myself to wear it in public yet. Tried it on my arms at home about 5 times but can’t decide how I feel about it. It’s more perfumey than most of theirs.

  61. James De Leon says:

    I get a compliment 9/10 times I wear it. Think of it as a super fresh kind of spicy barbershop. Compliment monster and I look like one..

  62. James De Leon says:

    I don’t get the perfume vibe. It’s masculine and fresh.

  63. Paolo Gomez says:

    Bois du Portugal.

  64. Daniel San says:

    I don’t have any Creed, but would love Virgin!

  65. Chadwick Pinch says:

    GIT, Bois de Portugal, Viking, Original vetiver, Royal oud

  66. Jakob Erichsen says:

    How‘s the VIW perfomance? I’m considering blind buying it

  67. Thomas McCaffrey says:

    It’s not bad. I pound it pretty hard and carry a little 5ml decant for refresher spray at some point lol.

  68. Je-Marc TheRedeemed Carrington says:

    Royal Oud, GIT, VIW….the VIW is not a performance beast but a great summer scent…I would carry a decant to overcome performance if that was an issue….but killer summer scent IMHO

  69. Kent Angel says:

    Forgot about Royal Oud. That’s great too, for winter. And it performs. They have a lot of top notch shit.

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