the best version of Bleu de Chanel to buy ?

What’s the best version of Bleu de Chanel to buy ?


  1. João Lima says:

    Eau de Parfum version

  2. the stuff that was made in 2010-2012. lasts 12+ hours and smells better than the current EDP or EDT.

  3. David Long says:

    Well it’s 2018 now lad I don’t want to own a fossil

  4. Benjamin McFadden says:

    I personally am done with searching for older formulations. Payed premium for vintage aqua d gio and I am pretty sure it was bad or going bad off of ebay.

  5. Truvelle Wilkins says:

    How can you tell if it’s the older one

  6. Benjamin McFadden yeah been there done that.

  7. Benjamin McFadden says:

    Truvelle Wilkins batch codes is the best way. Some bottles change slightly with reformulations.

  8. Truvelle Wilkins says:

    Benjamin McFadden I see it now

  9. Austin Mejia says:

    I like how the newest one smells

  10. Trevor Rabbach says:

    I prefer the edt. It’s the brightest/freshest out of the bunch and has good projection for the first few hours

  11. Pyry Karrimaa says:

    EDT or EDP. Test them side by side.

  12. Asharib Butt says:

    Parfum or eau de parfum

  13. Kevin Holt says:

    SCENTual Obsessions Perfume enhanced cologne

  14. Jason Yeomans says:

    Which ever one you were nose likes best…..edt…

  15. Ankur Kumar says:

    the correct answer is the EDT version in the years it had performance?

  16. Chad Gros says:

    I bought EDP and really wish I had gotten EDT! Anyone looking to swap, it’s a small bottle missing a bit

  17. Lcb Misael says:

    I have a 5.0 oz of EDP made in France, it projects very little even going heavy sprays people still can’t smell it. Which I would’ve gone with the edt

  18. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    I thought they was made in the usa

  19. Jonathan Alexandre says:

    Truvelle Wilkins They’res two versión one Made in USA and one made in France

  20. Alvin Billey says:

    Lcb Misael ok got you man thanks

  21. Michael Romano says:

    Platinum egoiste. It’s the original

  22. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    EdT: slightly too astringent
    EdP: slightly too powdery
    Parfum: just right

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