the choice to buy either one Which should I pick!?

Guys so
Armaf club de nuit intense man or Dior Sauvage EDP.
I have the choice to buy either one Which should I pick!?


  1. Nate Manning says:

    None. Do yourself a favor! It’s not that bad bro!

  2. Lcb Misael says:

    I heard armaf smells similar to aventus?

  3. Nate Manning says:

    Lcb Misael it smells like lemon wood polish

  4. Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa says:

    Lcb Misael it does have a very lemon/bitter citrus opening but the drydown does have a striking similarity to smokey Aventus. Some can’t stand the opening and others live to bad mouth it. It’s worth the price they ask for it.

  5. Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa says:

    If you want Aventus though just get a decant. They definitely are not identical.

  6. Samuel Roldan says:

    Well i have acentus and i have armaf at the beginning you notice the difference but after a few minutes uff i cant tell and i got the same amount of compliments with armaf.

  7. Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa says:

    Samuel Roldan I actually get more with Armaf, it projects much more than my current batch of Aventus.

  8. Samuel Roldan says:

    Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa yup and for the price you cant go wrong, i just use aventus for special occasions, and armaf during the daytime

  9. Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa says:

    Samuel Roldan Agreed. I know they’re not identical but I don’t get the hate.

  10. Justin White says:

    CDNIM, it’s also a lot cheaper. But both are good and great performers.

  11. Jah Resilient Prince says:

    Both are crowd pleasers

  12. Robert LaCombe says:

    Dior. If you don’t like it, sell it, then you’ll have enough to get Armaf + extra cash.

  13. Abhinav Madan says:

    CDNIM any day! You can buy 5-6 in the price of one Sauvage. And IMHO it smells better.

  14. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Dior Sauvage edp, no question in my mind

  15. Jatin Chowdhary says:

    Sauvage EDP any day is better , but how do you have a choice? Sauvage is 3 times the money

  16. Carlos Hernandez-Mercado says:

    I have both and, on my skin, CDNIM lasts 3 times longer than Sauvage. I have received compliments for both though.

  17. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Sauvage EDP hands down.

  18. Dan Araya says:

    Sauvage is overrated

  19. Zach Malan says:

    Sauvage EDP has maybe 1/2 the projection EDT has and maybe an hour longer longevity

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