The Dior Farhenheit EDT projects stronger than the EDP ?

Hey Guys,
Just the other day we were discussing how Dior Sauvage EDP since it has alcohol projects stronger than the EDP, and people were telling me that this application to all Perfumes who have their EDP and EDT in the Market, I just wanted to ask you guys just some months back I purchased Dior Farhenheit EDP with the belief that since it has a higher amount of fragrance oil it will last and project stronger, even the Sephora salesman was trying to convince me the same thing to go for the EDP and not the EDP, so do you guys believe even in this case, The Dior Farhenheit EDT projects stronger than the EDP ? It is my one of the favourite perfumes so wanted to make an absolute brightly chase hence asking for opinions. ?


  1. Susie Helton says:

    They both contain alcohol, which quickly evaporates. The reason one smells differently over the other is the concentration of oils, and in some cases the EDT is tweaked regarding certain notes which may make it project differently or read differently on the skin. Alcohol shouldn’t effect performance because as soon as your arm is “dry” the alcohol is evaporated. Don’t believe me? Take a cotton ball dripped in rubbing alcohol and wipe it on your arm, see just how quickly it evaporates yourself.

  2. Pranay Jain says:

    So guys was I right in selecting the Farhenheit EDP over the EDT they both were available, but I decided to go with the EDP thinking the higher concentration and hence better performance in all areas.

  3. Susie Helton says:

    Pranay Jain if you like the way the notes read in that version then yes it’s the better choice. I love Fahrenheit EDP so I’d say you made a wise decision. If you can I’d even search out a vintage formulation, the original was *really good*. ?

  4. Deana Joss says:

    In the future, when a fragrance is available in EdT and EdP (or EdC, or parfum), you need to sample BOTH of them before deciding.

    An EdT isn’t just a “lighter version” of an EdP, and an EdP isn’t just “the same scent but it lasts longer.” A lot of times they are two entirely different scents built around the same theme.

  5. Susie Helton says:

    Correct. They often tweak the notes in each version.

  6. Kevin Holt says:

    EDT has more alcohol so it is going to project farther but it is going to wear down faster then it becomes an up close fragrance which EDT is only carry 5 to 15% oil‘s so it’s not going to last that long, edp Will be a stronger fragrance but you’re not going to stink up a room with all the alcohol and since they have more oil once the alcohol evaporates again it will be an up close fragrance but it will last longer

  7. Alonzo Eddie says:

    What did I just read?

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