the most longest lasting frag in my collection. What’s yours?

SOTD ADG Profumo ?. One of the most longest lasting frag in my collection. What’s yours?


  1. Ayaya King Aya says:

    My all time Favourite Summer Fragrance, following BDC.

  2. Abby Perkins says:

    That’s too funny… I actually find the performance on ADG Profumo much better than EROS… I guess everyone is different…but I love both.

  3. Ayaya King Aya says:

    @ Calvin Chow What’s the batch number of yours?

  4. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Abby Perkins True ADG Profumo to me last mor than 8hrs with minimumof 2 sprays and Max of 3.

  5. Calvin Chow says:

    38P000 on the back of the bottle

  6. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Calvin Chow Ok, yours is the 2017 Formulation, Mine is the 2016 Formulation, maybe that’s why?.. but why did they formulate this Perfume?..where did you buy it from?

  7. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Calvin Chow I was about to buy a new bottle next week, I think I’ll go for the essenza since this one is formulated.

  8. Calvin Chow says:

    Ayaya King Aya Thanks for the help man, thats pretty brutal if it is reformulated ??

  9. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Calvin Chow Man these Houses like to reformulate especially if theres a new release, I Think they promoting the new one now, ADG Absolu, hence is why they ruined Profumo.

  10. Daniel Mandel says:

    Ayaya King Aya Not sure if Profumo has been reformulated. Mine is from last year (it is a new bottle to replace my old one).

  11. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Daniel Mandel Ok, then it means it doesn’t last on Calvin Chow’s Skin. coz I know profumo lasts more than 8hrs so i thot the 2017 formulas have been ruined.

  12. Calvin Chow says:

    the 15ml bottle from the gift set has a different batch code, ill try that out and see how it goes

  13. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Calvin Chow Ok, & If it doesn’t work on your Skin just apply it on your clothes because sometimes our skins differ a lot.

  14. Will Lewis says:

    DHI last me damn near 20 hours

  15. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Tuxedo and BDC edp, go all day

  16. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I agree, Hawas goes all day, careful with the sprays, it will fill up a room quick, especially in the first 2-3 hours

  17. Michael Blenheim says:

    Sean John unforgivable, I smell it on me 12 hours later

  18. Michael Graves says:

    Replica Black Soul of the Forest

  19. Darryl Smith says:

    Scent of Peace for him, Layton

  20. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Histoires de Parfums 1740 (vintage).

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