the post – which do you guys like best ?

Just arrived in the post – which do you guys like best ?


  1. Christopher Johnson says:

    Somethings looks weird in those creeds bro

  2. Seth Shimp says:

    Viking is fake man, they don’t come in 120ml

  3. Patrick Turner says:

    The Viking is suspect. They never made em in 120ml

  4. Christopher Johnson says:

    Especially the viking..

  5. Jose Ochoa says:

    That 4oz Viking is a Fugazi

  6. Harmony Colon says:

    ??‍♂️If you bought it from the same seller all those bottles are fake including sauvage

  7. Craig Fishlock says:

    Hahaha I got the savage from duty free so hope not fake

  8. 3 fake creeds and a Macy’s Dior Suavage sheesh

  9. Jose Ochoa says:

    I think that Sauvage is the only legit one on the pic

  10. Craig Fishlock says:

    I would not agree more Sir

  11. Harmony Colon says:

    I like the real Viking and silver mountain water! ?

  12. Alvin Trevino Jr. says:

    Send that Viking my way so I can do some testing before I buy the real thing!

  13. Craig Fishlock says:

    All – I know the creeds are fake I paid $67 Australian dollars for them each to try them they stay on your body for 11 hours

  14. Jose Ochoa says:

    Regardless, Viking and sauvage ! My favorites.

  15. Ajay Ranga says:

    Silver mountain water is fake

  16. Kelvin Ma says:

    How can you guys tell the SMW is fake based on one picture? Genuinely interested.

  17. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    If you’re familiar with the genuine stuff, you know these bottles look dodgy.

  18. Ajay Ranga says:

    Have been buying creed bottles from last 7-8 years . It’s easy to spot fake ones

  19. Jason Yeomans says:

    Damn it boy…….

  20. Eric Smith says:

    Like my dad would say: “son, there all pump fakes.” ??

  21. Damian Gracia says:

    Viking, but if bought for testing why 2 of SMW? N dude with fakes you have no idea of what crap they use in it n then you put on your skin. At 67$ they ain’t gona be made from anything close to quality of Creed. Would rather for 20$ each more gone designer route

  22. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I just noticed to my viking that Viking is clear af ? and a 4oz ?

  23. Jose Ochoa says:

    My Viking looks like piss.. this one looks like aquafina

  24. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Jose Ochoa mine too

  25. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I sold a authentic one on Mercari they said it was fake and got a return I messaged him he said the color seems off ?

  26. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I’m just sell on eBay again Mercari is junk anymore ?

  27. Matthew Locke says:

    Sauvage is savage, every time I wear it, women practically rape me.

  28. Will Chung says:

    You really shouldn’t be spraying those fakes on your skin.
    Also, $67 each is rather pricey for counterfeits. Just FYI.

  29. Craig Fishlock says:

    Thanks will my mate in the ?? sells them and they are amazing but now I have smelt them I will buy the real thing you just never know sometimes

  30. Will Chung says:

    Craig Fishlock it’s none of my business what you do but just wanted you to know I’ve heard of some bad chemicals being used in counterfeits.
    Anyway, yeah you could find great deals in the groups here too. Good luck!

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