The search is complete! (Unless I find another one of

The search is complete!
(Unless I find another one of course)


  1. Gabe Coren says:

    How is that one..? Flown under the radar for me. Its discontinued correct..?

  2. Adam Keichel says:

    It’s was a blind buy turned grail! Since 2007 this is still my undisputed champion

  3. Gabe Coren says:

    Its unreal. I really, really like 3 discontinued fragrances. Gucci Envy, Armani Attitude and Rive Gauche. Probably this. Why ?

  4. Jordan Beard says:

    I bet it matches your steering wheel cover, huh?

  5. Adam Keichel says:

    LMAO! No just the seat covers

  6. Vincent Strn says:

    I have bought mine (half full) for 370$ some years ago.. never use it and regret the purchase.. I am glad you like it but it doesn’t fit me somehow..

  7. Will Chung says:

    How much do these go for?

  8. Adam Keichel says:

    Will that price is a bit blown out of proportion lol. A sealed 100ml should be around the $500-$600 mark, no higher. I just got rid of a few things in excess I had to get the 2, 100ml’s I bought. Gotta be very careful though with fakes. Even the 4ml minis are faked lol

  9. Will Chung says:

    Adam Keichel yeah I figured that out pretty quick given the price gaps haha.

  10. Will Chung says:

    Jordan Beard you got one for sale JB?

  11. Will Chung says:

    Shit I want one now

  12. Ray Mendez says:

    Will Chung Adam has like 3 or 4. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind letting 1 go for a fair price. Make him an offer he can’t refused or add him as a friend and pretend to be his friend for a while and he might give it to you for free the next time he’s drinking.

  13. Will Chung says:

    Ray Mendez lol
    I know Adam and he really loves his gems. I wouldn’t even think about it.
    Plus, it’s a blind buy so I’ll prolly look for a sample first. …See More

  14. Ray Mendez says:

    Yeah I’m just messing around lol.
    Adam is a gem hoarder.
    I’ve never tried this either but would love for someone to offer me a 5ml decant for cheap! Lol

  15. Will Chung says:

    Ray Mendez someone help us lol !!

  16. Paolo Ezio says:

    This is something DUA should make a version of

  17. Adam Keichel says:

    Parfums Vintage made one Called Intrigo Devestante and an Intense version. I haven’t gotten my nose on them to do a side by side yet

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