there any fragrances that smell like aventus but much fresher?

Are there any fragrances that smell like aventus but much fresher?


  1. David Glick says:

    Insurrection pure 2

  2. Jhony Sánchez Sarmiento says:

    Pineapple vintage intense

  3. Sonny Black says:

    Without a doubt….

  4. Jhony Sánchez Sarmiento says:

    Sonny Black they should re-name it Aventus Friache lol

  5. Sonny Black says:

    Jhony Sánchez Sarmiento i got more compliments from pvi than the actual king

  6. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    The king ? in one.. only one king at a time.

  7. Sash Pecinov says:

    But kinda overpriced

  8. Gabe Coren says:

    I dont think so. Aventus is overhyped, but worthy as I feel it’s in a class of it’s own. Stays so solid from start to finish. Many fresh scents namely Versace in general start very good, but lose my interest and its quality in the base.

  9. Heemel Dutta says:

    Zara Vibrant Leather

  10. Sash Pecinov says:

    Terre D’ermes edt does for some

  11. Mark Iliff says:

    Funny you said said. I got a little bit of an Aventus vibe from the edp when I first got and wore it a few times. Not worn it for a while now though..

  12. Sash Pecinov says:

    I personally went for the edp version myself

  13. Mark Iliff says:

    Yeah same here…

  14. Huzaifa R Rahmath says:

    Armaf Club De Nuit Intense

  15. Joey Bengtson says:

    Zara Vibrant leather is a cheap fresh alternative

  16. Heemel Dutta says:

    Sami Bhai any discount in Qurbani?

  17. Mark Mcauley says:

    Mancera Cedrat Boise but its not completely similar, just I prefer it and has some similaritys lol, Al Harramain L’Aventure is good clone of Aventus , more fruity than smoky

  18. Mark Mcauley says:

    Still to try that one out man, heard its similar, cheers for reminder, I like to try the clones out, even If I got samples of Aventus lol

  19. Cornells McEssien says:

    Mark Mcauley yeah it is.

  20. Rodger Fauci says:

    Zara W-end Till 3am

  21. Chris Young says:

    Mont Blanc Legend Intense has the vibe.

  22. Chris Young says:

    He said more fresh. Not cheap. Roja Elysium smells like a space age Aventus

  23. Carlos Colom says:

    Princess Marina de Boubon le Prince Intense. Aventus like body shower.
    Atelier Musc Imperiale. Has an Aventus like feel.
    Bond 9 Scent of Peace

  24. Javier Ponce Rincón says:

    Zara vibrant leather always

  25. Mychal Cure says:

    Atelier Musc Imperial

  26. Mohammad Abd says:

    Bond no 9- Bleecker st

  27. Leedog Llanes says:

    Dark Rebel Rider

  28. Joel MexStrong Diaz II says:

    You must try

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