There is a slight difference between this and Aventus

There is a slight difference between this and Aventus but wow for $23.00 spray away and enjoy!! This is the closest clone to Aventus! Hope everyone is well:)


  1. Danny Mosquera says:

    What batch? ?

  2. Danny Mosquera says:

    I’ll be over it if it’s a early 2010 batch. ?

  3. Divinus Mentalis says:

    I like it myself. But for longevity I’d go with Insurrection Pure II. I traded my Armaf for Terre D Hermes. Not to discourage anyone this is about 98% Aventus

  4. James De Leon says:

    I’d have to disagree w the longevity. Great swap though!!

  5. Divinus Mentalis says:

    Thanks. It just didn’t last on my skin. It wasn’t horrible though about 4 hours

  6. James De Leon says:

    We all have different skin chemistry for sure. Ip2 only lasted like an hour on me. You get a bottle of TDH for it?

  7. Ryan Wiegand says:

    I get better longevity with this one versus Pure2.

  8. James De Leon says:

    Ip2 is weak compared to this. Like three times as weak.. Best alternative to Aventus imo.

  9. Brent Lindsay says:

    This one i havent smelled. Ive had insurrection and also glenn perri unpredictable adventure. And neither lasted worth a shit.

  10. James De Leon says:

    This one won’t let you down.

  11. Ryan Wiegand says:

    Try this one. Definitely a good one that performs.

  12. James De Leon says:

    I’ve tried them all. This is it Brent Lindsay

  13. Duane Cormier says:

    I mix this with pineapple fragrance oil, it’s amazing!

  14. James De Leon says:

    Oh wow. I bet!

  15. Saeid Hakimi says:

    Duane Cormier where can I buy Pineapple fragrance oil?

  16. Duane Cormier says:

    Saeid Hakimi Ebay. I tried to post the link to no avail. The seller I purchased from was specialitem.

  17. Saeid Hakimi says:

    Duane Cormier Thanks man appreciate it

  18. Deveraux Cato says:

    Ive never smelled Aventus before and bought this because of the reviews; just delivered today. Imo its very stong at first then transforms to a lovely scent after a few minutes. Its been over 6 hrs now and its still going.

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