There is an “intense” version?

There is an “intense” version?


  1. Patrick Echevarria says:

    Wonder how it is.

  2. Sergio Torrez says:

    I also found this out right after I purchased the original. Curious to the smell as well

  3. W Douglas Banks says:

    Please someone tell us!

  4. Carlos J Powell says:

    It’s been awhile, but I remember liking it very much. Sorry, don’t have any other details at the moment

  5. William Reyes says:

    Yes there is! Better longevity was the only difference I found

  6. Tenzin Jamyang says:

    Think I preferred the original.

  7. Israel Gonzales says:

    Just read fragrantica guys ?

  8. Mychal Cure says:

    It’s a fragrance group to talk about fragrance… Right? Lol. So let’s talk about fragrances.

  9. Israel Gonzales says:

    Mychal Cure well after the 3rd comment of no one knowing about it i figured someone would read up lol

  10. Mychal Cure says:

    Israel Gonzales lol! Have you heard about it?

  11. Israel Gonzales says:

    Mychal Cure I actually did – on fragrantica haha I tested the original about a month ago and read up a little

  12. Mychal Cure says:

    Did the original live up to the hype to you?

  13. Israel Gonzales says:

    Mychal Cure I didn’t know what to expect- maybe I was hoping it would be a bit spicier lol it wasn’t bad but, not for me

  14. Nico Xeneize says:

    Whaaat bulllshhhh. Ive never seen this

  15. Mychal Cure says:

    I thought it might have just came out because never hear anyone talk about it. Of course neither had a tester!

  16. Marcin Nowak says:

    Okay, I’ve used some samples of Intense.

    For me, to my nose, it’s really dense, deeper, however, different than original. How? It is focused on the rose and woods while original has quite prominent spices, mainly cardamom, blended with rose.

    Intense has a “jammy” appeal to it. For me it fits much better for fall and winter, rather formal than casual.

  17. Mychal Cure says:

    Maybe that is why I didn’t like the intense. I’m not a fan of frags that focus on the Rose. To me rose dominate frags smell like grandma;)

    Maybe I should try the original

  18. Marcin Nowak says:

    You definitely should.

    Intense has an orient touch for me.

  19. Nonie Paa says:

    Original is aweome!

  20. Power Frimpong says:

    I like the intense better

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