think it’s acceptable to let your kids start wearing fragrances?

at what age do you think it’s acceptable to let your kids start wearing fragrances?


  1. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    As soon as they pop out lol

  2. Chaz Ferrell says:

    When they start to stink from hitting puberty

  3. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I think something like cool water or aqua di gio or something from ed hardy is good for younger ppl

  4. Fenil Saji says:

    When their arm pits get hairy ?

  5. Whenever you feel its acceptable! Is your kid after all . If the kid is too young though maybe you should start with a fragrance for kids

  6. Emmanuel Ansah Boansi says:

    Do it when you feel like it. Don’t let society create those timelines for you. Today, I put Sospiro Erba Pura on my daughter and smelled fucking good all day. At recess I was there even her teacher asked me she smells good what is that lol.

  7. Antonio Martinez says:

    My daughter is going to be two and when she sees me put mine on she wants me to spray her lol

  8. Andi Mackiewicz says:

    Mine had Bvlgari, Creed, Guerlain, and Goutal at 6 months. Once he was old enough to make some decisions, like 1 or so, he decided no. Finally got him to try stuff last year, at 19. He hates Aventus. Only likes Celtic Fire, which is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Grrr.

  9. Trevor Young says:

    As soon as they show an interest in it.

  10. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I had my youngest wearing Bvlgari pour homme extreme in 6th grade

  11. Charles Martinez says:

    The Pokemon cologne by Air-Val is actually pretty good for a cheapie, simple orange and musk. Good way to get the young ones interested in fragrance.

    Personally, I had zero interest in fragrance until I hit high school, then it was game on. 😉

  12. Albert Mata says:

    I started around 11 12 years old

  13. John M. Brooks says:

    I was wearing cheapies at 7, by 13, I was wearing Drakkar Noir

  14. Juan Rojas says:

    Got my son some fragrances when he was 8 he is now 10 and he got a lil collection.

  15. John M. Brooks says:

    I’ll go with Trevor Young, when they show interest

  16. Michael Graves says:

    My son was wearing creed MI at age 15

  17. Maryam Payne says:

    There are light scents that are perfect for kids (even if they’re not made for kids). If your child is interested, let them try something basic and light. My daughter was trying kid-appropriate things at about 8, just for fun. It’s a good idea to show them how to apply appropriate amounts, though.

  18. Jean Blanc says:

    Also, I stressed, no cologne for you without a shower, if you have had a shower, you can wear cologne

  19. Juan Rojas says:

    Yep, that’s an excellent rule.

  20. John Fritz says:

    Mines wear feve delicieuse and oudmazing at 2

  21. Matthew Melody says:

    My son is 10.. My SOTD is Montale honey aoud and I put a tiny dab on my sons hand he just asked me for some to take to school lol

  22. Sam Cooke says:

    I have 2 boys that are 3 and 8. They both pick something to wear occasionally. Usually I’ll give them a light spray or 2 on their clothing.
    They want to smell good and it makes them happy.

  23. Andrew Serkaian says:

    John Fritz teach them brother

  24. Stephen Neudorf says:

    I would say12-14 ish

  25. Brandon Yambura says:

    I started age…

  26. JD Hernandez Leon says:

    As long as you dont over apply then 5th 6th grade. Middle school is a nice start IMO.

  27. Shannon Abdollmohammadi Buck says:

    My boys are 7,9, and 11. They’re little connoisseurs. My 7 year old loves to smell and dissect the fragrance. They appreciate them like fine food. I say if they appreciate it they’re old enough.

  28. Kyle Davidson says:

    I sprayed some First Instinct on my girlfriend’s two year old as a joke recently and he got a complement from a little girl at the McDonald’s playplace. No I’m not kidding.

  29. Ayaya King Aya says:

    My daughter was in kindergarten and started wearing it to church!

  30. Matthew Ramsey says:

    Haven’t got kids but I got my first bottle when I was 10

  31. Brandon Voisard Guy says:

    I gave my daughter the Prada Pour Homme 10mil when I bought my intense version 100mil. She was 13 and I figured its powderiness was a nice clean scent she could use that wasn’t offensive. Teenie bopper fragrances just hurts my snout.

    The next day I gave her my Midnight in Paris and that has somewhat of a night version feel. She just liked it and I never wore it after I got DHI.

  32. Sara Swartz says:

    when they can afford themselves one. Otherwise i will buy them deodorants.

  33. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    Middle school age.

  34. Ilana Sagalovich says:

    I started my son at 1 year old. I spray the back of his shirt

  35. Ivana Rončević says:

    My daughter 14 and yersterday I bought her first Kenzo…lats year DNKY..we skipped on all Justin Biber, Riannah-Agilera-Taylor Swift phase.

  36. Bovey Bey says:

    My GRAND DAUGHTER loved fragrance since AGE 7…no crime to wear fragrances,as long as its AGE APPROPRIATE.

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