this all over my mothers yard What is it called

There are large clumps of this all over my mothers yard. What is it called?


  1. Asitbaran Samanta says:

    Vinca- Nayantara in Bengali

  2. Sarah Fulgueras says:

    Morata Beautiful flowers

  3. Allison Babbage says:

    Oxalis,nice do’er

  4. Vivienne Osguthorpe says:

    It’s pretty but it spreads like crazy. I moved into this house 16 years ago and I’m still getting this coming up in places. In future I’d only have it in pots.

  5. Barbara Loffredi says:

    Very pretty

  6. Tere Gustafson says:

    Common clover

  7. Sophie Harrington says:

    It’s gorgeous

  8. Emanuela Busuttil says:

    Oxalis, I have, I’am from ??

  9. Barbara Dyke says:

    It’s definitely not shamrock, I have lots of ot in my garden it’s called oxalis. Flowers till the first frost.

  10. It spreads ,but looks very pretty.?

  11. Marlena Hawkins says:

    this is called thrift,,definitely not oxalis

  12. Jennifer Dickerson says:

    As a kid we called it sour grass.

  13. Athiya Afshan says:

    Is this edible ?

  14. Beatrice Harper says:

    No its shamrock ☘️

  15. Lyn Beveridge says:

    Oxalis, it is pretty but does sometimes take over!

  16. Beatrice Harper says:

    I have it in my garden I went to garden center and they said shamrock

  17. Charmaine Malette says:

    It like shamrock by the shape of the leaf

  18. Sandra Denton says:

    Yes shamrock l have it in my garden xxx

  19. Patricia Belley says:

    Very pretty! Will try to find some here in Quebec Canada.

  20. Christine Leadbetter says:

    It is very pretty – I have lots in my garden , in the ground and in pots. Does spread but I share it with family if it gets too much!

  21. Sharon Williams says:

    It is very beautiful thats all i know. Would love some in my garden even if its a wild thing

  22. Betty Davis says:

    Steen I have it everywhere in my my yard!! I love it but it does spread like crazy!! It does die back in the summer!!

  23. Gillian Jones says:

    i have it too and was told its shamrock but might a variety of it but love it very pretty

  24. Debbie Brown says:

    Oxilias but do tend to get the rust

  25. Sheila Browne says:

    I remember my mam calling it 4 O clock the flowers close at that time in evening very old beautiful plant

  26. English shamrock we call iy

  27. Karen Dunbar says:

    Oxalis brasiliensis

  28. Lyn Beveridge says:

    Oxalis and Shamrock are one and the same. There are many variations but they are the two different names given to the same plant!!??

  29. Sally Lippert says:

    Oxalis….love that plant! 4 o’clocks have a different leaf…another old fashioned good plant.

  30. Brenda Baird says:

    Some folk call Oxallis a weed but it is beautiful; both the pink and the yellow ones. Use a magnifying glass to gaze into the centre of a single bloom. Also… Our Bees love it.

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