this plant and garden talk Well lets see your gardens

All this plant and garden talk.. Well lets see your gardens?


  1. Lila Rooks says:

    I’m too embarrassed. Lost a lot due to a frost and still replanting. But at any rate it would never look like these. I will take a picture of my “shabby chic” front garden tomorrow tho

  2. Patricia Felician says:

    Mr Jason Newman. I have potted plants. haven’t started my garden as yet!!!!!!

  3. Ann Henley says:

    Haha…snow just left. Today is the first day I’ve seen the sun in a week and a half. Next month my garden in Canada will have something pretty to look!!

  4. Cipriano Coyple weeks lol

  5. Christine Ann says:

    Westbrook Recognise this Farhat? ?

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