this time of year that will come back each year

What are the best flowers to buy and plant this time of year that will come back each year? X


  1. Rachael Winstanley says:

    Lupins and delphiniums

  2. Go to the rhs website and type in perennials

  3. Richard Smith says:

    Echinacea. Knautia macedonia. Delphiniums

  4. Perennial geraniums like macchorizum and geums

  5. Ryan Jennings says:

    Aster are nice x

  6. Christine A says:

    Morgan Depends on your zone. I would look into what perennials flourish in the zone you live in, do a simple search and figure out will it be in full sun, partial, or shady.

  7. Parul Baliyan says:

    I am trying to have a perennial garden to reduce the amount of money and effort goes in every year. Here is a list I made.
    (London UK)

    Evergreen: Japanese maple or Acer
    Feb: daffodils, tulips, Pansies, Hyacinth
    March: white Allium
    April:peonies, Purple Allium, Weigela, phlox, campanula addenda(GET MEE),
    Osterspuinum soprano

    May: Achillea ‘Taygetea’ yarrow, Weigela, Purple Allium,
    Clematis montana ‘Wilsonii, campanula addenda, Rhododendrons (shady), fox gloves, Osterspuinum soprano
    Clematis Nelly Mose

    June: campanula, poppies,callla lilies, african daisy
    July: Hydranzea, Lilies, Lavender, african daisy
    August: Hydranzea, lillies, Lavnder, african daisy

  8. Win Aubretia, phlox, alpine, anemone, Peony, lupin, iris, dhalias, gladiolus, Japanese anemone, black eyed Susan, clematis, ceanothus, lavenders, thyme , Rosemary, roses, …. endless list all come back to flower ranging from early spring to late summer . I have got all of them and can enjoy different colours different time / weeks. I am in North East England.

  9. Robin Wojcik says:

    You have to go to your local garden/nursery. Everything depends on your particular planting zone.

  10. Alison Pickett says:

    Astilbes, Clematis, Penstemmon, Salvia, Lupins, Hydrangea, Scabious, Eryngium, Erigeron, Coreopsis…there’s plenty to choose from. I work at a wholesale nursery and these are all plants that are being delivered to retail outlets at present. Plus many many more!

  11. Alayna Bullock says:

    I love salvia and fox glove. My gerber daisy just came back.

  12. Dawn Benham says:

    I’ve just planted a Ceanothis, excuse spelling pls x

  13. CurtisandDonna Kainer says:

    O’Farrell Dianthus

  14. Jack Almond says:

    Gladiolus, come up nicely every autumn in northern England

  15. Barbara Cotter says:

    Salvia hot lips

  16. Witra Nurm says:

    Dandelion.. seriously..

  17. Debbie Jennings says:

    There r a lot of choices out there but it what you like just make sure they sat perennials and they will come back each year.

  18. Debbie Lynch says:

    Herbaceous Perennials

  19. Sophie Rojas says:

    Sage, lavender, tyme, beebalm all herbs but also make beautiful flowers

  20. Heather Januskiewiecz-Torres says:

    Bleeding hearts, daffodils, tulips, hostas, clematis

  21. Lori Kathleen says:

    Last spring I planted up some herbaceous perennials….Astilbes, Hostas, penstemon, verbena bonarearsis to name a few…these are all filling up the new border and will be even bigger this year!

  22. Bonnie Power says:

    If you are in the USA, try solidago, ascelpias, lobelia sp., and other native plants like yarrow, joe pye, pasqueflower etc etc

  23. Nancy Whittington says:

    Miller Depends on where you live.

  24. Wanda Sobkow-Mc says:

    Cracken Lillies, Iris, and Columbine.

  25. Ann Wrage says:

    Shasta daisies, Monarda, rudbeckia,roses, lavender.

  26. Deborah Patterson says:

    I like rock Daphne and bee balm and white daisy.

  27. Marian Korroch says:

    Depends on if wildlife is in the area!

  28. Ron Cooper says:

    Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susans, Cone Flower, Sedum, Ferns, Astilbe, Hostas, Clematis, Shasta Daisy’s, Azalea

  29. Kate Koons says:

    Prep your garden first with compost and manure before planting anything to assure healthy plants.

  30. Sophie Heath says:

    Lavender, French lavender. Beautiful, bees love em, and they don’t like a lot of water xxx

  31. Vianne Mcauliffe says:

    Geraniums, daisy’s. Don’t forget to give a bit of thought to position of plants. Tall ones at back

  32. Natalie Percival says:

    Thanks everyone for all the help and tips xx

  33. Sally-Anne Shelton says:

    Grins ate pretty and are perrenial

  34. Sally-Anne Shelton says:

    That should say geums!!

  35. Phyllis Johnson says:

    Hickman Lambs Ear do good and they spread. Their flower is purple. Also Holly Hocks, fox glove. Snow on the mountain, creeping charlie.

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