Thoughts on Bleu De Chanel Parfum?

Thoughts on Bleu De Chanel Parfum? Mainly sillage?
Thoughts on blue chanel perfume? Mainly wake?
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  1. Amir Mesic says:

    I’m also interested for some infos, wanted to buy it next month.

  2. Asarias Vences says:

    Love the scent, specially Parfum

  3. Randie Baird Jr says:

    What’s your experience with the projection and sillage?

  4. Asarias Vences says:

    Last on me all day!!!

  5. Bido Senioritti says:

    Weak. Lasts 6-8 hours as skin scent. Projection is good Only in hot weather and only for an hour. Sillage is slightly below average

  6. Biko Fisher says:

    Not worth it at all. Smells great for the 30 minutes after you spray, then it disappears completely. Use the money to buy something completely different.

  7. Bido Senioritti says:

    Not in hot weather brother. It shines in that

  8. Tuấn Trần says:

    its good. Last long but dont expect it to be loud like the edt because of the concentration, imo if you already own one, its redundant to get the parfum but if you dont, its worth the sniff

  9. Randie Baird Jr says:

    Yeah I’m not super concerned about it projecting so much but I do like to leave a nice scent trail with my fragrances

  10. Tuấn Trần says:

    for me id say its worth it, its discreet enough and it just works. Sauvage is too mainstream and loud for me

  11. Randie Baird Jr says:

    I have and really enjoy Sauvage. At this point I actually wear the EDP much more than the edt because I feel it’s smoother and more work appropriate. Edt to me is just a bit much at the top for work. Just personal opinion. I have a 60ml bottle of EDP that about half empty now and I’m going to buy a 100ml bottle soon.

  12. I feel Parfum lasts the same on me as the EDT that I own. I feel if you have the EDT or EDP, you don’t really need the Parfum

  13. Randie Baird Jr says:

    I’ve ran through 2 bottles of EDT and 1 bottle of EDP plus the travel EDP they sell.

  14. Austin Mejia says:

    Great scent but does not last as long as EDP

  15. Chadwick Pinch says:

    Fantastic scent….. Prob my favorite clean summer scent… well no, that’s not true. VIW is… but Bleu is close!

  16. Taylor Reiman says:

    Lasts fine on me! I get a solid 10-12 hours. Low projection but awesome sillage for me. I received a “notice” of my fragrance today from someone about 8 hours later.

  17. Eric Smith says:

    Don’t know if anyone experiences this but indoors, this thing projects moderately. Outside, however, it projects really well. This is especially true if it’s hot.

  18. Enrique Castillo says:

    I live in a really hot area (100+ all spring summer and fall ) it projects awesome, great sillage, my wife loves it more than any other scent on me.

  19. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    6…to 10hours straight

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