Thoughts on the best from TM A*Men line?

Thoughts on the best from TM A*Men line? I’ve only personally sampled Pure Coffee and I absolutely love it, I think I am going to grab a full bottle, and want to hear the community’s thoughts/rankings 🙂 thanks!


  1. Mike Liberti says:

    Make sure you check out that Pure Malt

  2. Pure Chili and Pure Havane are the best imo.

  3. Kevin Reed says:

    Roma Nik I used to love this wish I could find this for cheap

  4. Kevin Reed I think they only produced it for a year. I shouldve picked up more bottles. Although my bottle is 95% full…

  5. Bob Murphy says:

    Malt, coffee, and Havane are all top notch in my book. After that it’s really meh for me.

  6. Ahmed Hezzah says:

    For me Pure Malt, Pure Havane, the original, Ultra Zest in that order.

  7. Geno Will says:

    Malt and Havane are awesome, so much better than Angel Men original by far, and I like the original.

  8. Cruz Stark says:

    I have all , for me tie between malt and havane, then coffee and original, my wife loves havane , and worst for me is pure wood

  9. Mark Mcauley says:

    Pure Malt is brilliant stuff, I loved Pure Havane but since I added Herod and Naxos to my collection, I havent reached for it as much but Havane is great for the price in its own right, Pure Coffee sounds pretty nice, have not tryed that

  10. Randal Aldair Dominguez Torres says:

    The original and Pure Tonka. Also Pure Spice, hahahahaha just kidding about the Pure Spice.

  11. Ayaya King Aya says:

    The Best Of Them All is Pure Tonka, The Others Are synthetic and Overly sweet.

  12. Kenny De Wit says:

    The original but go easy on the spraying

  13. Aunik Arnold Dhali says:

    The best, Pure Malt!

  14. Kevin Justin DeCarlo says:

    Ultra Zest, Pure Tonka, Pure Havane are my top three. Pure Malt has a cult following. Mugler Les Exceptions Hot Cologne is some fire too.

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