to know how Tommelise smells:) What is your Signature Scent(s)?

Recently I was thinking about perfumes that represent me the best and so the idea of a “signature scent” video was born! In my new video I share with you my TOP 5 Signature Scents, make sure to check them out to know how Tommelise smells:) What is your Signature Scent(s)? Comment for fun!


  1. Rafael Balarezo says:

    ?Roja Parfums
    ?Ormonde Jayne
    ?Creed Vintage only
    ?House of Matriarch
    ?Tauer Perfumes
    ?Imaginary Authors
    ?Parfums MDCI Paris Esteban
    ?Fort & Manle
    ?Gallagher Fragrances

  2. Zakaria Mulla says:

    If you have FIVE signature scents, then none of them are signature.

  3. Rafael Balarezo says:

    Signature Scent: A fragrance or Fragrances that you always wear, How many Perfume Houses are on the market? I think more than 1000 so you wisely narrow to Top 5, The Top 5 Brands that people can recognize you because You wear often, Signature Scent doesn’t mean a Single or Only one Scent or House!

  4. Zakaria Mulla says:

    Anything signature means serving to identify or distinguish a person. How on earth does rotating between five fragrances achieve that?

  5. Rafael Balarezo says:

    A person gets into the room that He or She goes often, the scented bubble will tell who was walking around, the next day the same person did the same routine BUT wears different scented bubble and some people will say it was the same person who wears a Perfume but smells different. Its the most that you wear from probably 10 or 20 brands that you have in your collection.

  6. Zakaria Mulla says:

    If it’s only some people saying then it’s not signature ?

  7. Rafael Balarezo says:

    Just a tiny example.

  8. Nando Medina says:

    Hahaha wait aren’t you the gal that reviewed zoologist? I believe it was your channel where I left a comment about what moth smelled like to me ??????

  9. Raven Macdonald says:

    I’m going to watch that video now if it’s true LOL

  10. Yana Lysenko says:

    Like sex in the night outside?

  11. Raven Macdonald says:

    It was a good video I enjoyed it

  12. Yana Lysenko says:

    Raven Macdonald thank you?

  13. Nando Medina says:

    Yana Lysenko yes ?? last night I was watching your friend react to challenging fragrances I was surprised she was handling them like a champ! I was dying when bat fumes got into her eyes ? you need to bring her back soon!

  14. Yana Lysenko says:

    Nando Medina haha, I hope she’ll be back soon?I love the moment when she smells bat!!! Always crying out loud

  15. Nando Medina says:

    I was hoping you had secretions magnifique for her. Get a sample so she can react to that!

  16. Yana Lysenko says:

    Nando Medina I haven’t smelled it myself yet. Aren’t you interested in my reaction too? I’ll try though

  17. Nando Medina says:

    Yana Lysenko of course I am. A scent like SM deserves its own 5 – 10 min video. I know a website that has it on sale. Which country are you located in?

  18. Mark Mcauley says:

    Mancera Cedrat Boise
    Nasomatto Pardon
    Valentino Uomo Intense
    Byredo Bal D’Afrique
    Parfums De Marly Herod

  19. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    The signatures
    Terre d’hermes eau tres fraiche
    Tuxedo…See More

  20. Mark Mcauley says:

    Would love to get a bottle of Tuxedo at some point, great stuff

  21. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Mark Mcauley , the women really dig it. The first time I wore it, I was sniffed like a dog??? that les vestaires line has some bangers in it. Caban and Caftan, are on my list. Caftan, two girls on the bus lost their minds when they smelled it, something about I could get it?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  22. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    All joking aside, great quality, great scent, sprayer up to par, changes transition flawlessly, lasts forever, I mean forever and they might be more versatile than I thought. I’m going to go smell my tuxedo cap now, I’m in the mood

  23. Mark Mcauley says:

    Yeah its really classy one, not surprised you love it lol

  24. Will Chung says:

    Beautiful collection

  25. Diego Silva says:

    Tommelise forever !♥ best review woman!!

  26. Diego Silva says:

    queen of niche fragrances reviews

  27. Yana Lysenko says:

    Thanks, I am blushing ☺️

  28. Abhinav Madan says:

    The picture reminds me of Jeremy Fragrance

  29. Sean Payne says:

    Amouage – Interlude
    Guerlain – L’heure Bleu Extrait
    Christian Dior – Homme
    Caron – Nuit de Noel Extrait

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