Today I smell like I m walking through an orange

Today, I smell like I’m walking through an orange grove, eating salted Fig Newtons.
And yes, I’m fully aware that may not SOUND very good. However, the SMELL is out of this WORLD!!! ❤
-Pure Azure-


  1. Hendrik Ruud says:

    Knol You trigger me to blindbuy it??

  2. Hendrik Ruud says:

    Knol Is it long lasting?

  3. Bestia Magnifica says:

    Bro the dog advertise it for you. Look at those eyes ?

  4. Eric Hill says:

    Very much so, Hendrik!!

  5. Christine Tremblay says:

    What an adorable doggie ?

  6. Sally Griffin says:

    That is a cute-ass dog! ?

  7. Dhruba Dasgupta says:

    Hey Eric, I’m not sure I’m right about this but I’m fairly certain you post certain fruity frags that you like. If you like pulp by byredo, I suggest you try Antigua by Phadeon. It’s amazing! It’s a guava cocktail. It’s even slightly grainy!

  8. Mark Mcauley says:

    Love this house . Tryed a few of their offerings and own Tabac Rogue. If they were more available in UK. I’d have more I’m sure lol . I get great performance on Tabac Rogue

  9. J Michael says:


  10. Gladys Stevens says:

    For some bizarre reason, I gave my Pure Azure bottle to my niece’s boyfriend. He really loves it too. I was obsessed with minimalism for about five minutes.

  11. Robert Heath says:

    Herndon did Commodity go out of business?

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